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Have Jesus' tomb and remains been discovered?

Have Jesus' tomb and remains been discovered?

resurrection imageIn their book, The Jesus Discovery, archaeologist and professor James Tabor with documentary filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici claim they've found the tomb of Jesus.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that,

The work […] contends that two Jerusalem tombs beneath a condominium complex can be traced to Jesus of Nazareth, his family or his followers. One tomb, found in 2010 under a patio, ‘is directly connected to Jesus’ first followers, those who knew him personally, and to Jesus himself,’ according to [the] authors…

The archaeologists used a robotic arm with a camera to look down into the tomb, where they found carvings on boxes containing bones. One of the ossuaries contained an image that they say depicts Jonah and the whale, a so-called resurrection symbol. The latest finding follows ossuaries of "the Jesus family" documented in The Lost Tomb of Jesus, which purports that the bones of Jesus were discovered.

CNN reported, "This is the earliest Christian-related icon ever found, and next to it is a resurrection statement. The only resurrection statement ever found in an ossuary out of the 3,000 ossuaries already found in Jerusalem."

Other archaeologists are analyzing the findings, and as reported on MSNBC, many are speaking out against the claims.

The Christian Post reported that there is zero percent chance that the archeologists' claims are correct, adding:

The radical assertions of both findings contradict many things modern Christians believe: Jesus Christ rose from the dead and ascended to heaven, leaving no trace of a tomb or bones behind, according to the Bible. In addition, no scripture ever mentioned Jesus marrying or having children in over 30 years on earth.

Many experts agree with the Christian viewpoint that the controversial findings are false, not only for faith's sake, but to prevent archaeological and scientific misuse as well.

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  • Very interesting story. I personally, went to this site to see the archaeological work and it is amazing how under another building in Jerusalem there might be Jesus Tomb.

  • Kristen

    I just saw these two ossuaries at Discovery Times Square!! They are really incredible. The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit is really awesome and you should check it out if you have the chance. After seeing this news, my roommate and I got in a big debate about what this means for Christianity and Judaism. It's pretty crazy that the inscriptions lead to such grand conclusions about the use of the ossuary. I don't believe the images can provide that huge of an insight.. Those inscriptions could be interpreted so many ways.

  • I seriously doubt this is the remains of Jesus. They've said that for years, in an attempt to prove their mythology. Not even the Shroud of Turin was authentic and as of yet, they have nothing to prove their myth.

    • zzzzz

      This could, of course, also be an attempt to encourage christian tourism to Israel. Zionists depend heavily on christian donations.

    • Well, The Lost Tomb of Jesus documentary convinced a Catholic friend of mine that the bones were found. Some of it seemed very credible to me, and some of it was a stretch.

      I would love to be able to see these ossuaries and learn more.

      If these are indeed bones, I don't see how it could prove the mythology; i.e., physical resurrection from the dead.


      • Well, those bones, even profs in the religious studies dept at the uni I attended said that was not the tomb of Jesus and what all that was said about it was just wishful thinking. Even many of them said, that without DNA, it proves nothing.

        • I agree, which is why I found the documentary a bit of a stretch. They did do some DNA testing, but all they could extract was the one they called Mary.

          • The problem with that is, how did they get Mary's DNA to compare the DNA of the bones? We don't have Mary's DNA to compare it to the remains of anything. DNA is not going to tell us that any of the bones are from Mary's clan or even Mary herself. That part is really bogus.

  • Casey

    I had the pleasure of seeing the ossuaries in person on a recent trip to New York with my husband. Although I initially went just to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at Discovery Times Square, I was delighted to see the ossuary in person, especially since it has become the source of so much debate. I was particularly struck by the fact that I was viewing one of the earliest evidence of Christian iconography and such an important relic of history. I would definitely suggest for everyone to see this exhibit. Whether you are religious or not, it is truly a fascinating and thought-provoking experience.

  • zzzzz

    Some of the above comments bother me. No christian friend of mine is dependent on material evidence as proof of faith. Faith stands apart from reason and at the very least does not rely on emperical evidence.

    • The Lost Tomb of Jesus documentary was pretty good in that there were interviews of various religious leaders. Most of them (maybe all — it's been a couple years since I saw it) said that even if bones were discovered and proven to be those of Jesus, it would not diminish their faith because it was a 'spiritual resurrection' of the Son of God.


  • Souheil Bayoud

    Believe me these people are Lucifer agents and soon will be burned in hell with their master.

    • joe paterno

      I laughed out loud when I read your comments. Thanks!  And keep coming back. Too funny for words.

  • Anthonyhoylman

    I've always known his sorry ass never rose again…he was maggot food like the rest

  • Jobzinc

    Most of the people on both sides are not insterested at all in the science (evidence: post below by anthonyholyman.) Most are out to prove their own personal point. As a scientist myself I look with skeptical eyes upon those that work with hidden adjendas

  • Jobzinc

    Not to dominate the post but over the years/centuries their have been a number of findings later to be over turned that disproved the Biblical claims on several issues

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