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Tennessee principal under fire for allegedly telling gay kids they're going to hell and pregnant teens that their lives are over

Tennessee principal under fire for allegedly telling gay kids they're going to hell and pregnant teens that their lives are over

Haywood High SchoolA Mid-South high school principal is under fire for controversial statements about gay and pregnant students.

Dorothy Bond is the principal of Heywood High School in Brownsville, Tennessee.  She's accused of making insensitive remarks during a meeting with her students, angering parents.

The community is polarized, with some supporting Bond and others calling for the school district to discipline her.

One of the students said that her best friend called her in tears, saying that the principal pointed at the gay students, telling them that they were going to hell, and if they were pregnant, their lives were over.

Tony Snipes, a parent, said that Bond has a habit of "pushing the envelope."  He said that when she was principal at another school where his children attended, one of his sons had braided hair and she told the young men at an assembly that "if they were sitting between the legs of a girl getting their hair braided for a few hours, then they must be gay."

Jeff Hooper, a Brownsville resident, supports Bond.  "She loves those kids," he told reporters.  "She has taught them from the ground up and she's a dear lady and she has their best interests at heart."

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  • zzzzz

    I don't care how well-meaning she is, this is not appropriate speech.

    • ttt

      Good for her. If you dont want to hear peoples point of view on a topic then dont breach the topic. You have all kinds of pro homosexual propaganda in the public schools If you have the right to express an opinion , so does she.

      • zzzzz

        The principle does have every right to her own opinion. If she is in the public school system, however, she doesn't have the right to vocalize that opinion in the manner the students said she did. I will also say that if she were working in a religious school I would consider this poor communication. Telling people that they are going to hell? Teach and lead by example.

  • Sheri

    I'm just curious if ttt and zzzzz are two halves of someone with a split personality? 🙂

    • zzzzz

      LOL! No.

  • Ben R.Joyce

    God bless this brave principle.God hates America and her most filthy youth who rebels against God and love lusts and filthyness.America is doomed to Hell!Roamsn 1:26-32.

    • Sounds like you need to join the Phelps crowd over at Westboro Baptist, Ben. However, you better spell things like 'principal' and 'Romans' correctly if you want to make signs.


    • zzzzz

      O.K. Just so you know, I laughed out loud when I read your post. Keep on trucking.

    • zzzzz

      Ben, thank you for your posting. We all fall short. God bless you.

  • COinMS

    Dorothy says the gay kids are going to Hell? Come on, they already live in Haywood Tennessee! Dorothy, in her narrow minded orthodoxy, has set herself as Judge and Jury — when in reality she doesn't know anything but what her equally blind preachers have told her. The concept of a burning Hell is almost gone from modern Christian thought. Those who retain it are willfully ignorant of the sea change that has occurred. She should be fired, but in Haywood TN, she will be lauded as a brave believer standing fast against the forces of evil liberalism. She will probably retain her job, and Haywood High will continue to suffer academically and culturally.

    • Lots of truth to that statement, COinMS.

      Perhaps her remarks would be appropriate in Catholic Catechism (I still cringe when I reflect on those scary days) but not in a public school setting.


  • Scott Rose

    The bigot bitch principal and her stupid yokel cheerleader Jeff Hooper both deserve to be stuck on a leaky raft and shoved out into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Failing that, one hopes for tornados to strike both of their houses for them to be swept away to meet the dear Jesus already. How is it possible in the 21st century for somebody involved with teaching young people to be so utterly ignorant of the science of human sexuality? Who does this malicious gay-bashing bitch think she is? She should take her gay-bashing, kill-the-Jews Bible, stick it down her throat and choke on it.

    • zzzzz

      Thumbs down. I don't come to this site to read hate speech. If there was an abuse button I would hit it.

  • Bixch

    She resigned! A principal is entitled to her personal point of views, but when she steps into a classroom and accepts a position of authority and starts announcing that gays and pregnant teens will not be tolerated she is condoning discrimination and hate. Appalling!


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