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Ann Coulter to speak at anti-abortionist Terry for President campaign rally

Ann Coulter to speak at anti-abortionist Terry for President campaign rally

Ann CoulterRandall Terry is running for president on the Democratic ticket.  The purpose of his campaign is to take advantage of a loophole in FCC regulations so that he can air graphic images of aborted fetuses on television.

In his ads, Terry has claimed that anyone who votes for President Obama is a baby killer and guilty of "attacking Jesus Christ himself."  Before, during and after the Super Bowl this year, Terry ran his ads on approximately 15 local television networks in seven states.  After the ads, he created a video implying that all pro-choice people are going to hell.

Terry is campaigning in Oklahoma and has opened a campaign office in Tulsa.  He plans on airing numerous commercials with the  "…  focus on the new HHS regulations, in which Obama has betrayed the religious liberty of millions of Americans, forcing them to pay for abortifacients that cause the death of unborn babies."

These ads cost money — so on March 3, conservative pundit Ann Coulter will headline a rally for Terry in Broken Arrow, a suburb of Tulsa.  Terry writes:

We are thrilled to have Miss Coulter's formidable talents and skills give us a boost in our efforts in Oklahoma. I'm certain the evening will be inspirational and motivational.

If I — the 'extremist candidate' — receive 5% or 6% of the vote in the Oklahoma primary, it sends a serious rebuke to the Obama campaign. Moreover, it shows that a sizable percentage of voters are willing to defect from a sitting President in their own party, because of his attacks on human life and religious liberty. That would spell big trouble for the Obama camp in the swing states in the general election.

In one of his ads to air in Oklahoma, Terry claims that President Obama has said "to hell with your beliefs" and that he is a bigot. Another (embedded below) shows images of dead fetuses and alleges that President Obama has "ordered all Christian institutions to pay for drugs that murder the unborn." The ad urges voters to vote President Obama out because "We cannot, we will not comply with this unjust law."

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  • While I am not for unlimited abortion there is something important I am not seeing that either pro or anti abortion parties are taking into account in their arguments.

    In what is surely the most controversial and some of us would say secondary and least likely to be divinely inspired part of the old Law,a woman who lost her virginity was required to be stoned – for that matter so was the adultereress (albeit the OT is not full of stories of this happening so in practice law may have functioned in a largely symbolic way in this area). Hence, to supposedly please God in this matter, it followed that foetuses had to be destroyed in the womb as at least some of those executed would have been pregnant.

    But perhaps they weren't heavily pregnant. Even early Christian fathers were disagreed when real life or the soul entered the womb. It wasn't always assumed that was necessarily the first moment of conception, it could be in the second term. The fact is a lot of what it is claimed that Bible says is either questionable in itself even to believers or not consistent with other sexual teaching. Catholic teaching particularly has to arrive at the kind of consistency it favours not by following Bible but interpretation through philosophical principles. Granted that some kind of enlightened generalization is required even if it isn't based on ancient philosophies because if you are going to keep noisily defending things like anti abortion or refusal of same sex marriage, because "the Bible says", then as the Bible is not perfectly consistent in its sexual teachings (thus as the rabbis know allowing a little flexibility) you had better be ready to become something like a Christian Taliban and take on just everything the Bible has ever said on sex. And obviously you won't want to and can't do that.

    • zzzzz

      I am having a very hard time following your argument or knowing exactly what your argument is. Could you be more succinct?

  • zzzzz

    Is this woman FUN or what? Photogenic, draws the crowds, easy to hate…. I mean, I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT HER! THIS SITE NEEDS MORE ANN COULTER SITINGS!

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