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Christian pastors falsely claim that 'Obamacare' will require Americans to carry the 'Mark of the Beast'

Christian pastors falsely claim that 'Obamacare' will require Americans to carry the 'Mark of the Beast'

RFID chipThe Health Care Mandate described in H.R. 3200 never passed the House and was never signed into law, but that's not stopping Christian pastors from claiming that Americans will be required under the bill to be implanted with a microchip carrying health care information and financial information — dubbed by them to be the 'Mark of the Beast' described in the biblical Book of Revelation.

H.R. 3200 was replaced with H.R. 3590 and the final healthcare mandate included a number of markups of H.R. 3590 before becoming the law known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111-148).

The Act itself does not require anyone to be injected with microchips and, as Snopes reports, "even the now-irrelevant language of the unpassed HR 3200 (and similar language in the passed bill, HR 3590) did not mandate that anyone be implanted with any type of microchip or device, for any reason. The passages quoted above reference a section which simply calls for the creation of a registry that would allow the Department of Health and Human Services to collect data about medical devices "used in or on a patient" including devices which patients consent to have implanted in them during surgery, such as pacemakers for purposes such as tracking the effectiveness of such devices and facilitating the distribution of manufacturer recall notices."

According to Pastor Perry Stone, President Obama is demanding that people who visit the hospital be "chipped" by the end of 2013. He claims that the reason that the president pushed the healthcare mandate through is because he wants people tracked and that it is a money making scheme because the chip costs $10 per month.

"I refuse to put something in my right hand and my forehead that is comparable to Revelation 19," he proclaimed to a cheering congregation. "I'm not going to do it."

He also warned about the electronic skin tattoo, also considered a Mark of the Beast.

A card, he says, is okay, because the bible only specifies the hand or forehead. The chips, he says, could explode, causing sores described in the bible.

According to Stone, by the end of the year 2017, virtually everyone will be required to have a chip in their hand or forehead. Orthodox Jews, he says, will not put anything in their hand or on their head because they already believe it is wrong to do so. But many Christians, he claims, are deceived and do not know their bibles well.  Those deceived Christians will accept "the Mark," thinking it is a good thing.

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Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana, who has a large following due to his popular end times preaching, also claims that the health care mandate requires that all Americans have a microchip be placed in their hands. Incorrectly citing H.R. 3200 that was never passed and not taking the language into context, he claimed that "the law of the land" requires that all Americans will be required to have RFID chips implanted by March 23, 2013, that their health and financial information will be stored in a national registry, and that the government will have the ability to track them at all times.

"The law's already been passed," he claimed. "It's now a matter of implementation and it's required under the law of Obamacare to be done in March of 2013."

Besides getting personal salvation through Jesus Christ, the solution, he says, is to vote for a Republican in the presidential race because "every one of them — they all said this one same thing, if elected, they would repeal Obamacare."

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  • I only have one thing to say about this insanity… 🙄

    • elena_aus

      Thank G_d the vast majority of Christian pastors, priests and ministers do not make such unfounded, scare mongering and counterproductive pronouncements.

      • ChadW

        Unfortunately many who do make these pronouncements preach from televised mega-churches and far reaching radio programs.

  • Sarah

    Read up on your bible… This is the Mark of the Beast!
    Revelations 13:16-17

  • Michael Derousselle

    Another liar for Jesus.

  • Robert

    What is obamacare exactly? From my (British) standpoint, isn't it a bill for free healthcare that was rejected outright by a bunch of Republicans?
    And Sarah – if you listen to too many people, everything becomes a mark of the beast. Don't worry yourself, and enjoy life. And yes, I'm a British Christian.

    • It's a federal mandate for everyone to have to buy health insurance, whether they want it or not. I think it is unconstitutional.

      The argument has been made that people who drive cars are legally required to buy insurance, but I think that's comparing apples to oranges because driving a car requires a license and choice. I know of no one who "chooses" to be born.

      If an employer is not already paying for their health insurance, people who do not buy health insurance will be subjected to fines and penalties. It's not like what you have in Britain — here, something similar to what you have would have been called a single payer system.

      Personally, I am not fond of this new healthcare mandate and think a single payer system with an option for enhanced services that could be purchased out of pocket voluntarily would have been better. Those of us who are self-employed or business owners are the ones who are financially kicked in the face while being told that we are being hateful and selfish for not liking it; employees who get all of this taken care of for them as benefits don't really have much to lose or gain.

      It does not become effective until 2014, but ever since it became law, my rates have gone up and up and up and I now pay more for health insurance than I do for office rent. About the only good thing I see about the mandate is that people with pre-existing conditions can get insurance.


  • Sheldon

    The book of revelation was written by a crazy person with a serious hate-on for the Romans and a sick attraction to violence and revenge.

    • Martin Luther didn't even want the book included in his bible, if I remember right.

    • For those of you down voting because you don't want to consider that the Book of Revelation was possibly written by a mad man, all you have to do is go to Wikipedia and read the articles AND the cites and do some of your own extra research. This will start you out:


      The Council of Nicaea, which determined which of many books would be included in the bible also had trouble with the Book of Revelation and there was a lot of arguing before it was finally included. The Gospel According to Thomas and the Gospel According to Mary are just two of quite a few books that were rejected by the patriarchal Council. Thomas' is interesting in that it has an androgynous approach; Mary's is fascinating — but of course, dumped because the church had become very patriarchal.

      I don't claim to know everything, but people need to research things before blindly believing them.


  • Tim Harris

    For all commenting:

    "Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven" (Luke 6:37).

    Half of our (mans) problem is we're so 'opinionated' and wrapped up in our own ideology that we can't even get past base one without 'setting everyone else straight'. Like kids in a sandbox we hear: "my Daddy's smarter than your Daddy" or at a swimmimg pool with family about ready to dive in "look at me, look at me Mommie".

    We all make miss-quotes, misprints, and mistakes, and discernment should no doubt be practiced with caution. (See also where Pastor Begley refrained from some of the comments he made on a follow-up video.

    • Paul is still misconstruing how bills become laws. I have nothing against Paul and enjoy him. Facts, however, are not opinions.

      Here is a brief (not full) outline of how a bill becomes law. This is something that everyone ought to know if they follow politics at all.

      1. A bill is introduced in either one or both of the Congressional bodies (i.e., the House or the Senate). In this case we are talking about House bills.

      2. The bill is then referred to a committee or committees that review it.

      3. Once approved by the appropriate committees with possible markups, the bill goes to the floor for a vote.

      4. The bill must pass the floor of the House, if introduced in the House; the floor of the Senate, if introduced in the Senate. In this case, the H3200 did not pass. That means it is dead, it is over. It is not a law.

      5. The bill might be revised a few times before being approved by the body in which it was introduced (in this case, the House).

      6. Once approved by the body in which the bill was introduced, it then goes to the other legislative body — in this case, the Senate.

      7. Using our example of a house bill, the Senate will also refer the bill to committee, may revise it (subject to approval from the originating body), etc. If the Senate rejects the bill, it does not become law.

      8. If the "other legislative body" (in our example again, the Senate), approves the bill as referred to it by the House, then it goes to the president.

      9. In either case, the House AND the Senate must approve of a bill and agree to the language in the bill before it goes to the president, who is part of the executive branch of government. Before it goes to the president, there might be a lot of negotiating going on within the legislative bodies until the final language is worked out.

      10. If the president vetoes the bill, it is not a law. Of course, there are ways to fight that, but for all practical purposes, the bill is dead.

      11. If the president signs the bill, it becomes law.

      12. The bill could still be challenged as unconstitutional at some point (this happens in court, which is also known as the judicial branch of our republic); but for all practical purposes, it is published in a public law.

      13. All of the bills before the particular public law are irrelevant unless used to understand the intent of a public law.

      14. For purposes of the "666 chips," pastors warning of them need to be researching the PUBLIC LAW, cited above. They will find that they are misrepresenting the facts.

      The foregoing is a basic rundown of how our representative republic works.

      I have nothing against Paul or Stone and actually like Paul Begley's stuff, but PLEASE, look at the facts before you believe things.

      Is a chip possible? Sure. They're around. A friend of mine with a heart condition was saved by one. Her pacemaker went out, the chip alerted the hospital, and her life was saved. It is voluntary. It is not required by the law.


  • Sheldon

    Well Tim, since I'm one of the "all" you mentioned, I will respond to you.

    Should we all just shut-up then?

    So, a follow up comment, or video, totally negates what one meant to say the first time?

    I get it Tim, however, if one is going to make public his thoughts, he should be prepared for what follows. Thanks for the chastisement and… thanks for your opinion.

    • Keep commenting, Sheldon! 🙂 You know what you're talking about, from what I can tell.


      • Sheldon

        Thank you Deborah… I intend to continue commenting. 🙂

        I try to keep an open mind on these things, which may not be entirely apparent just yet, however, as my participation grows, I suspect you will see that thread in what I write.

        Certainly, everyone has opinions and that is not in dispute. What some fail to see though is that belief, all belief, is relative. Every person brings his/her personal bias to the discussion… that bias, as I see it, is based on the understanding and external influence relative to individual capacity to understand as well as personal intentions regarding the discussion.

        I commented on another article here using something from a correspondence I had with a friend. For clarity, I will include the entire statement I used in my discussion with him…

        Limiting the discussion to God or no God is, I think, presumptuous. Could there not be other possibilities? If that is so, then the dialogue changes, don't you think?… what was considered absurd is now simply another idea. I choose not to limit myself to one absolute or another since I find that has the tendency to close me off to the realm of possibilities that may exist beyond my awareness and/or comprehension.

        …in a universe so vast, and, one in which we have barely begun to investigate the planets of our own solar system, it would be quite unreasonable for me to presume that we are the only sentient life in existence. I know more than a few who consider that possibility absurd and yet, presume they have discovered the absolute truth to all spiritual mysteries. I find that astonishing. Yesterday, that bolt of lightning came from an angry God, today… not so much. If we choose instead, to accept the possibility that we don't know as much as we think we do, then perhaps, we find ourselves being a little less accusatory and a little more open-minded.

        • I'm all for open-mindedness and agree with you, Sheldon.

          What irritates me is when people completely mischaracterize things (like bills vs. laws) in order to frighten people. Before Harold Camping's May 21 fiasco, we had a lot of young people sending us contact emails, scared to death that it was going to happen. I sent a lot of referrals out for professional help and did all I could to help move them out of the fear. One woman was quite upset because she was pregnant and thought her child would be born into the apocalypse. Having grown up in a cult, I understand these fears and how they take root.

          Bills vs. laws are something tangible that I think can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. As to the existence of gods, other lifeforms, etc., that's something that will be argued about until there is proof one way or the other. We had Vincent Bugliosi on the show, and he explained his agnosticism and book, The Divinity of Doubt. While I didn't agree with him on a few points, as a whole, his argument made sense.

          I personally have no issue with what people's beliefs are one way or the other; my "issue" is when belief is used to abuse others or is forced on others against their will.

          Thanks so much for commenting — We appreciate it!


  • Tim Harris

    You "get it" Sheldon, because it's common sense that one would know it's ok to comment on a video. So, the point i made is similar to the "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all" motto. Naturally i don't mind people posting a comment, but saying "Another liar for Jesus" as Micheal said, as if he's a "practicing" liar (instead of someone who simply screwed up by not being more careful) is one comment i think we can do without. The world's already full of enough hate as it it. Post something positive for crying out loud or either chastise with some maturity.

    • There's a book called "Liars for Jesus" by Chris Rhodda — I figured he was loosely referring to that. But yes, you're right, Tim, comments can get very nasty and impolite, particularly with the anonymous nature of the Internet.


  • Tim Harris

    See, i screwed up by saying "to all commenting here" instead of "to some commenting here". Sorry guys! ..will try to slooooow down in the future. Also, i don't think Sheldons… "the book of revelation was written by a crazy person with a serious hate-on for the Romans and a sick attraction to violence and revenge".
    is something Deborah in replying should say "he sounds like someone who knows what's he's talking about" – regarding Revelations that is (because he may indeed be knowledgeable on other topics).
    Come on Sheldon, you know Revelations it's mostly symbolic don't you? ..and that the writer John wrote more on the subject of Love than anyone in the NT (excluding Christ)?

    • Sheldon

      No apology necessary Tim.

      As to the book of Revelation, to which John are you referring? I ask since the authorship of that book is, to this day, still under contention. Perhaps John the Apostle is the author, perhaps it was John of Patmos… perhaps they are both the same person. Perhaps John the Apostle was indeed exiled to Patmos upon which he became resentful and angry at the Romans and thus penned the work in question. Perhaps, as you suggest, Revelation is symbolic and there is some mystery hidden in it that I do not understand, which is entirely plausible since I am not Christian and make no use of the bible as a spiritual guide-post.

      I am always willing to concede the possibility that I am wrong… that what I think may be nothing more than the fruits of a fertile imagination. Are you willing to concede the same?

    • Perhaps I should have been more clear. I've been following Sheldon's comments for awhile and they appear to be reasoned and based on some scholarship.

      A book that I would highly recommend about the Book of Revelation and other matters is What Do You Do With a Chocolate Jesus? It's fun, a bit irreverent, but based on a lot of research, with the citations to back it. The author, Thomas Quinn, has done a lot of award-winning work, including some projects with the Discovery Channel.

  • Tim Harris

    Right, the book. Maybe. Bad retort though, as you know. I forgive him.

    Hey Deborah, is the edit text module working correctly? Every time i want to add text, i type, hit OK, and i'm returned to the main page, but the text i edited isn't there/saved. I'm using Chrome. Maybe i should use Firefox.

    • There might be a problem with the plugin or a Chrome issue. I think it's Chrome because it works all right for me testing Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. I might disable the plugin if the problem continues, but I've tested others and they don't work right.

      I'll disable it for now — and see if I can find something else.


    • Sheldon

      Excellent question…I've had the same problem when trying to edit. I just decided to use a notepad and then copy and paste.

      • Probably best, since I disabled the comment edit feature. I'm in a development community and will see if we can come up with something more workable.

  • Tim Harris

    Thanks Deborah. Nice feature though. I also like that there isn't a text limit to your comment box.

    • I loved the edit feature, but too many complaints now, so it'll have to go until we can get a workaround.

  • COinMS

    If I may humbly add my two cents:

    The book of Revelation is almost exclusively a book of symbols. It says so right in the first verse: 'The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show unto his servants, even the things which must shortly come to pass: and he sent and SIGNIFIED it by his angel unto his servant John;

    SIGN-I-FIED: put into signs and/or symbols. The fantastic imagery is not meant to be taken literally. The mark in the hand or forehead SIGNIFIES either active cooperation (right hand) or really believing it (forehead). A dragon is not really a dragon. It could represent pagan Rome (civil power), the 'beast' is an apostate religious organization, not an actual beast. The vast majority of protestant theologians during and after the Reformation understood much of Revelation was a scroll of church history down the centuries, and would have it's culmination sometimes in the future.

    These scare tactics just keep getting recycled and warmed up over and over. We Christians should pay more attention to our own behavior and character and not be so taken in by all of these disingenuous preachers. They claim to know the mind and plan of God, but really are far from Him.

    • sheldon

      Nicely said COinMS. I will likely find the time to read Revelation with an eye to its symbology. Reading different scripture has been interesting so that I could, at least, join the conversation with some intelligent discourse of my own… studying it has never been a passion for me. Perhaps, I will give it a try. If nothing else, it could make for some interesting conversations later.

      What I wonder is how much longer the world has to put up with the charlatan preachers that claim to have the ear of the Creator/Creative Force of the universe. Discussions with them is, in all honesty, not so interesting.

  • Tim Harris

    Oh yes. Ironically enough, i typed a message in the edit text module (that didn't or doesn't work) that i accept criticism and welcome reproof and disagreement because i know it will make me all the more wiser in case i may have missed something along the way in my research.

    Ahhh, Revelation. Ok, the thing with Rev is you have to read it 1)"by the Spirit", which will in turn give you revelational knowledge and 2)use several biblical, historical, and mathematical "tools" to help dig into it as well.
    Most all scholars agree that Rev was written by the apostle John on the Is of Patmos (few contend it was written by an "other" John).
    John, due to his Spiritual fervor in preaching "the Word", the salvation "message", to the people of that era, was banished by the Romans through the edict of Jewish leaders. It's the same today – go to some blog, newsgroup, or youtube channel and start talking about Jesus, Christianity, sin, Hell, etc, and notice how everybody and their brother posts every kind of negative, critical, and belittling thing imaginable, whereas if you post something about Buddha, Mohammed, the Koran, the New Age movement, the Muslim and thousands of others out there, hardly any mean, negative or belittling comment would be uttered. It's like on a jet plane about to crash – no one screams out "Oh Buddha" or "Oh my Mohammed, they scream out "Oh my God", "Dear Jesus", or "Lord have mercy". Think about it. Picture it happening. Everybody knows deep down inside what's going on, we just don't want to acknowledge it.

    • sheldon

      Tim… the authorship of Revelation is not "mostly" agreed upon. What is agreed is that no one is completely sure who the actual author was. Be that as it may, discussing these things is manna to me and I too always welcome the opportunity to converse about spiritual matters. I am, in fact, a spiritual person…I believe that all things can be viewed from a spiritual perspective.

      I am not talking about religion or theology…I am talking about the things that appear to be inherent in all of us and the celebration of them. Laughter, love, light, a subtle connection with nature and an inner desire to be a good person. To me, these are treasures which lend to spiritual thought. Some people call this kind of thinking pagan…I can live with that.

      Here's my thing…

      Once a year, we bring a tree into our homes, decorate it and then celebrate beside one of nature's beauties. People call it Christmas day… the day they celebrate the birth of Christ. This celebration is based entirely on pagan beliefs and rituals. It's all relative.

      Now then, you wrote something that I found incredible. Are you absolutely certain that, in a plane full of Arab speaking Muslims, flying through Arab airspace and in imminent danger of crashing, you would hear them, in a tongue other than their own, crying out in the manner you have suggested?

  • sheldon

    I completely agree with you Deborah. It is a shame that, in order to show that what one believes is not absurd, one finds it necessary to point out the perceived absurdity in the alternate position, all the while never realizing how absurd that particular exercise actually is.

    I know next to nothing about cults… I have not experienced that and have not read any literature regarding it, however, I understand fear, and the debilitating effect it can have on a person. The fact that you are here trying to help others to break free of that fear is a testament to your character… Bravo!

    On another note… thank you for the recommended reading. I skimmed a short summary of The Divinity of Doubt and it looks very interesting indeed.

  • Tim Harris

    Yeah that was good COinMS! I liked everything you said; accept at the very end you might have added that a distinction be made between the good and the bad (and the ugly, just kidding). But no, seriously, some preachers and/or teachers put out a lot of good stuff, then miss it a time or two – same for the really bad ones – so we can't "throw out the baby with the bathwater" (i hate that saying, but it's the only one i can think of at the moment). In forbearance and patience spend a little time with them before pronouncing a damnable judgement upon them and their ministry. Some can only filter out others teachings through their own Church "Labels" and "schools of thought" and a sieves separates the good fro the bad. And i don't believe our own feeble opinions forged by someone else's intolerably grotesque opinion is what's going to win in our theological debates. If you want, you can read the first two chapters from a book i wrote entitled The Labels That Blind Us here: http://www.wordsong.info/files/labels.html

    • Tim Harris

      Deborah, could you paste some code in the html file so we can edit our messages in case we make mistakes and need to correct them?

      And a CAPTCHA Code that appears every so ofter so we don't have to type the CAPTCHA every single time?

      Just a suggestion. Thanks for the site!

      • You might want to just log in at the registration page and the captcha should stop if you are logged in … it's at http://www.goddiscussion.com/wp-login.php?action=writewith_us.

        Unfortunately, we get buried alive with spam, but I'll see if there's a workaround that won't cost me an arm and a leg.

        Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Tim Harris

    Yeah that was STUPID – i can't believe i didn't see that (about the plane analogy). Sometimes it's the simple things you miss huh?! Anyway, about the author of Rev., from what i've read (bible dictionaries and commentaries) they all say "most" scholars agree it was the A. John and few believe the opposite so i'm confused why you said "the authorship of Revelation is not "mostly" agreed upon". But i liked what you said about "What is agreed is that no one is completely sure who the actual author was".

    • sheldon

      Mostly, I base my idea on the modern school of textual criticism which suggests that John the Apostle and John of Patmos were different people. Since this is an ongoing debate, I don't think there is any certainty at all right now as to the author of Revelation. I find it curious that John the Apostle could write what he did in his gospel and write something so completely "out of character" in Revelation.

      I do get your meaning though. It is most likely my bias since the debate is ongoing and I see no clear agreement on it. For me, if there is any question as to authenticity and that question is supportable, then, from my perspective, there is no agreement at all.

      Well now… Obama… ouch… I'm guessing he's not on your Christmas card list.

  • Tim Harris

    QUOTE: "Discussions with them is, in all honesty, not so interesting."

    Yeah they're caught up in their own agendy MONEY!

    Just like the elitist Wallstreet bankers who rule Obama :-/

  • ARG7822

    A pastor, teacher, prophet, or an evangelist who manipulate his/her's congregation/listeners by telling lies, is he/she considered a false prophet, a fanatic, a bigot, or a political operative?

    JESUS is the TRUTH, JESUS is the LIGHT of the world, the devil is the father of all LIES, and the devil is the AUTHOR of CONFUSION.

    GOD is control saints! HE is our ROCK and our SHEILD! Jesus is the ALPHA ad OMEGA! HE knows the beginning and from the end. We're sinners saved by grace through Christ Jesus alone. Heaven is our home! We are just pilgrims passing through this world. GOD raises and sits down Kings. Promotion does not come from the east and the west but from above. Pray for all people who are in authority so we will have peace. Pray for your enemies. Don't worry, pray without ceasing! Perfect love casts out fear. GOD is love and HE loves us. Cast all your cares on him. Meditate on Jesus (the WORD of GOD) so you will have discernment when the bigots, the greedy, and the political operatives try to deceive you.

    Church please don't let bigotry, hate, bitterness, and greed blind you from the truth. Walk with the Spirit, which is love and peace etc.

  • The problem with this article is, other bills outside of Obamacare have passed that included a Radio Frequency Identifier Class II medical device as mandatory. Eventually this will happen and soon.

    • Spuddie

      The black secret muslim president is out to get you BOOGA BOOGA!!!!!!!!!!

      • Peter

        Perhaps this identity chip was mandated by the UN. Agenda 21, you know. Why is there so many fools in her lately?

  • The fucking Devil

    Seriously if you're going to be religious, okay, but if you're going to be retarded, keep it private.

    • Babz


    • jarjar

      You are blind ! This guy is right! You will see when the government will take control!

  • Child Of God

    Yea to bad that this is TRUE if you people would actually do your research and find out then you won't be saying negative things. The only reason why you do is because you don't want to believe it can happen. But once all this junk its its gonna be to late and your going to be in trouble because you weren't prepared. EVERYTHING that is happening is in the bible may not be the exact words being used like "obamacare" but if you look at all the news around the world and here in the us the Lord is coming very soon! If there is some form of tracking with this obamacare then yes it will 100% be the mark of the beast that is a fact. So whether or not u believe in God or maybe you don't if you would just open the bible and actually read it and look at the news and have an open mind what you find will shock you and show you that the lords return is apon us.

    • George Holstein

      Or that we are simply reliving history without learning from it.

    • Genopepino

      Child of God….. Yes the truth is the 666 hand/forehead will happen and very possible via RFID. It is also true that Paul Begle is a false Prophet…truth mixed with lies. HR3200 was not passed and is not law as he claims thus March of 2013 is meaningless as is his agreement with false prophet Chad that the Rapture would happen in 2011 which it did not. What does this tell you about
      Paul Begle. Don't drink the Kool Aid.

      • jarjar

        carefull my friend ! This guy is not saying that he's a prophet!! He just reads the Bible and compares with actualities in the media!!!!!!!
        You should read the Obama care law and find out that YES! it has passed !!!

  • ROSS


    • Spuddie


      • Peter


  • D Beeksma needs to do her research. Not once, that I have heard, has Pastor Paul EVER stated the HR 3200 Bill. This women is a SHILL. Misinformed spreading misinformation.

  • Spuddie

    OMG it looks like asylums are now giving their patients internet access!

  • jarjar

    send this video to everyone you know cause it's going to be too late for some soon

  • godsdaughter72

    Dont believe it all? Well thats all your choice ,God warned everybody personaly,by dreams,visions,or in person trough another person,and not.listening to his word you choose yourself to get hell on earth.
    Jesus wants to save you and your rejecting it? Dont be mad at Him later.
    Choose now,or choose the devil.
    When rapture comes the government gonna say this evil and discusting lie that were beamed up by scotty (aliëns)..something like that is what many gonna believe,its sad and insulting to God.
    God bless everybody….

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