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Muslim Love Guru:  Valentine's Day is Heresy

Muslim Love Guru: Valentine's Day is Heresy

Islamic love guruEmirati love guru Widad Lootah is not your typical family counselor — the Islamic love guru admonishes women to enjoy sex.

There is much "shame and disgrace" about sex in the Arab world, she told AFP News, and that the topic should be brought out into the open.  When she published her Muslim sex guide "Top Secret: Sexual Guidance for Married Couples" in 2009, she was condemned and even had some death threats.  "They called me all sorts of things: crazy, vile, immoral, criminal," she told AFP. "Some even called me a traitor and spy for Israel and America."

"Men today are not like before," she says.  "They are not like the Prophet Mohammed because they do not follow the Sunnah properly, the parts about love, friendship and tolerance."

Lootah has an opinion about Valentine's day, too.  " All the shops and markets are now covered in red.  Why?  Because it's Valentine's Day.  Honestly, everybody knows this day as tradition or belief, but we as Muslims, we consider it as heresy."

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