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Icelandic "Loch Ness Monster" caught on tape?

Icelandic "Loch Ness Monster" caught on tape?

What looks like a giant serpentine monster has been caught on tape in Iceland, and has generated over 77,000 views on YouTube since it was posted Monday:



The YouTube video caption says:

The Lagarfljótsormur, Lagarfljotsormurinn, Lagarfljót worm or simply Iceland Worm Monster is an Icelandic lake cryptid. The worm is purportedly located in Lagarfljót Lake, a freshwater, below-sea-level, glacial-fed body of water in Egilsstaðir.

The water visibility is incredibly poor as a result of siltation, and the creature–if it does exist–has not been scientifically studied.

Sightings have been consistently logged since 1345. There are many stories about kynjaskepnur, that is, strange animals or unknown phenomena, in Lagarfljót.

The worm-like creature is presumed to be longer than a football field, or 300 feet (91 m), and has been seen coiled near the shore by countless eyewitnesses.

According to reports, it has been spotted in both water and dry land. It is believed that it can slither onto land.

This video is from IRíkisútvarpið RUV – The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service.

Comments on YouTube ranged from the incredulous to cynical.  "That's the one that choked Luke Skywalker" one viewer quipped.   Another said:  it's simply just ice that is running down the lake and moves like a snake in water.


Another thought it was a robot.

What do you think?

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