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Possible UFO footage over Thames Estuary has YouTube viewers going nuts

Possible UFO footage over Thames Estuary has YouTube viewers going nuts

A video showing a possible UFO on YouTube posted on Monday has gone viral, with over 15,000 views in the last two days.   The video, put up by space99dude,  states:

ufo over london thames estuary seems too bright for a boat but I could be wrong and looked like it was above the water.It was a very long way off and I was at full 40x zoom hence the shaky footage.I had to eventually leave because of where I was parked . I always carry a camcorder in my car as saw something a few years ago and think more people should be looking and keeping cameras at the ready .

YouTube viewers have said that the lights on the video are an oil rig, with some saying it was a hoax, and other viewers insisting it's the real deal.  One viewer made a philosophical observation that "we all live in a BIG FAT HOAX,"  with many complaining the video is not long enough.
Another viewer pointed out: “It could be anything…that's the nature of UFO sightings…Keep looking and filming!”

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