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This Week on the God Discussion Show — God, Cosmic Consciousness and Civil Rights

This Week on the God Discussion Show — God, Cosmic Consciousness and Civil Rights

On the God Discussion show this Thursday, February 9, we have the privilege of talking with three men who are in high demand for their messages.  We hope you can join us.

1st Hour (LIVE) — Marshall Vian Summers – A New Message from God.

Marshall Vian SummersFor almost 30 years, Marshall Vian Summers has dedicated his life to receiving and quietly teaching “the New Message from God.”  The New Message, which spans over 9,000 pages, began with what he says was “a direct encounter with the Unseen Ones, the Angelic Presence who had been guiding and preparing him all along. This encounter forever altered the course of his life and initiated him into a deeper relationship with them, requiring that he surrender his life to God.”  Formerly a teacher for the blind, Summers had this encounter in the American Southwest desert when he was 33 years old.

The message is a gentle wake-up call to shed the discord we see all around us, from respect for the environment and respect for one another.  Humanity must view itself as a Greater Community instead of as a collection of separate nations and cultures, the New Message says.  Religion is part of the human experience and meant to cultivate the desire and the capacity to experience the Divine Presence in one’s life; God – or the Greater Community — is not limited to ancient religious teaching.    “Religion,” Summers notes in his writings, “has become now a yoke and a harness for people, requiring them to believe along certain prescribed lines of thought and to behave along certain prescribed lines of behavior. But this is far from the essence of what religion is really for.”

According to the New Message, “The world was ultimately created as a place for the separated to live. It was created, as was the physical universe, by powerful geological forces that were set in motion by the Creator of all life. These forces continue at this moment, they are self-perpetuating, they are changing, and in a certain degree they are chaotic…The Creator of all life has set evolution in motion, and evolution now continues without God managing it. It is self-perpetuating. It is moving, it is evolving. Life evolves to greater levels of complexity and intelligence. Evolution in times of geologic and biologic time is extremely slow. Short of cataclysmic events, it is extremely slow.”


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Summers teaches that “world is preparing to emerge into the Greater Community of Worlds and this underlies its evolution and all of its advancements now. That is why conflict is erupting in the world, because those who oppose the evolution of the world will fight against it. Those who wish to further the advancement of the world will attempt to fortify the goodness of humanity and the sense that humanity is one community that must nurture and support itself beyond all division of nation, race, religion, culture and tribe…All this is part of the preparation of the world to emerge into the Greater Community of Worlds, because this represents the evolution of the world.”

Dr. Louis Turi, World-Famous Astrologer.

Dr. TuriIn a pre-recorded segment bridging the live segments, we’ll hear from Dr. Louis Turi about what he believes the year 2012 will bring … and it’s not the end of the world.  With his sense of humor and enthusiastic call for people to tap into universal consciousness, Turi  enjoys an international following of the “spiritual but not religious” who are seeking answers beyond the confines of religious dogma.   Soon to be featured on The Discovery Channel, Dr. Turi is well known for his appearances on Coast To Coast AM, the BBC in London and other radio and television outlets.  His clients include celebrities such as Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others.

2nd Hour (LIVE) — Terry Angel Mason – Civil Rights Advocate and Pulitzer Prize Nominee.

Terry Angel MasonWith the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that Proposition 8 was unconstitutional, the timing of our interview with Terry Angel Mason – or Angel, as he prefers to be called – could not be better.

Angel has so many credits to his name that it’s hard to summarize them in a short bio.  A minister and spokesperson for gay rights, Mason was recently named the National Black HIV/AIDs Awareness Spokesperson.  On February 7, Fox News 5 in San Diego, Angel talked about his role as spokesperson.

In addition to be published in magazines, newspapers and websites around the globe, Angel is author of Love Won't Let Me Be Silent, They Say That I Am Broken, The Dream Keeper, and Get on the Royal Road to Riches!

A survivor of full-blown AIDS and cancer, Mason was selected as Real Health's Magazine Advocate of the Month and featured in www.HealthyBlackMen.org — for the month of December — for World AIDS Day.

Mason's books have touched millions of lives and have been submitted for a Pulitzer Prize and numerous awards, including the Lambda Literary Award and the Stonewall Book Awards. Since his international debut, Mason has sparked worldwide debate about pressing issues affecting African-Americans and the gay and lesbian community. The celebrated blogger and columnist recently published an article about SB 48, (The Fair Education Act; a law that requires schools to include LGBT history), and denounced the black religious community's actions to overturn the bill, citing that their intolerance and support of inequality promotes more bullying, discrimination and violence in the gay community.

The show airs live on BlogTalkRadio (you can hear it via your computer).  Calls are welcome and encouraged and as always, our web-based chatroom will be open during the live show.  If you miss the show, you can listen to an MP3 download via Blog Talk Radio or iTunes (see the Blog Talk Radio widet on the bottom of this and every page on GodDiscussion.com.

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  • Looks like an interesting line up of comedy… um… guests. 😆

  • Artiewhitefox

    It is true we have to prepare ourselves, but it is Jesus in us that does that. We can do nothing good on our own, not now not latter without Jesus being in us. When that happens we will see Jesus in whoever being like Jesus with each other not wanting to war with what would be essentially be ourselves.

    Humans do not have advancements. The devil would see what men does as advancements. it would be a metamorphosis of sorts of the soul. The destructive path will be departed from not entering it even if the body is threatened. The desire to kill will not be present.
    This is very subtle indeed. This is not setting us up to glorify God. This is setting us up to glorify man. We must not do that. When God comes back the works of man will be burned up.

    The devil would love to boost our ego trying to say we evolved to this point not mentioning Jesus or God in any of it.

    What religion has done is what Jesus did not want religion to do. Religion built idols like unto the golden calf. Then they bowed down in it. That presence did not mention any bible passages at all. That bothers me. The Holy spirit guides us in what he has taught us.

    Marshall Vian Summers is a false prophet.I looked up a few things on him,and he believes in UFOs. They have no truth in them. They are all show just like Satan is.
    He trusts in tarot cards, and not God.

  • Marshall Summers is an excellent guest for these times, an award winning author and visionary, I feel his work resonates with the great spiritual and divine-connection reminding texts of our time, but he is a lot more than that. For me, personally, he is someone who walks the talk, was the first student of Steps to Knowledge and his other works, and has been a student of the deeper experience of spirit for a very long time, therefore, his extraordinary output, and vast scope of published material is must reading and his interviews and talks are something that need to be experienced, not just judged and labeled from afar, as society conditions many to do, impulsively and without actually encountering the work, at all, themselves, on their own.

    I have met in person and heard and experienced Summers' and his stand alone work, I consider it to be immensely efficacious and pure and fundamentally strengthening to the 4 Pillars of my life, the pillar of relationship, the pillar of health, the pillar of work & providorship, and the pillar of spiritual development or spiritual awakening.

    At times, one may perhaps find this pretty amusing, but sad, as many now are searching for a way to contribute to a world in need, and the New Message speaks to the heart of the matter, saying that we've all been sent here for a higher purpose, we're not just sent here to consume, waste and steal from future generations, all with rising populations and finite and depleting resources to do so.

    Our purpose for being here that is revealed is that we are each here to contribute, to the world and its environment and the one human family who are all now in growing levels of need.

    While people are caught up in belief, in ideas, in debate, in speculation, and in defending these products of the surface intellect, including by violence and genocide, the New Message for me brought me down into the deeper experience and the deeper feeling of life, in such a natural and easily experienced way. It has brought me into experience with the divine Presence that lives within me, and within you.

    The New Message, essentially, has over time, incrementally through STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE: The Book of Inner Knowing, provided to me daily, a whole new context for my life, my decisions, my relationships, my work, and my true inner values. It has sparked within me a Calling and a recognition of my profound need for the connection that I and we all have for the deeper experience and the deeper conscience of my inner life, rather than a frantic grasping for the surface stimulation of the surface intellect alone.

    STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE: The Book of Inner Knowing is the book for me, a book of revelation, that has turned my entire life around. And it arrived, as revelation does, when I was earnestly seeking for it, and actually ready to act upon it, immediately, in some major way. Curiously it also arrived after a desperate prayer to contribute to a world in need, and miraculously, it arrived right when my old life had finally crumbled to the point where I was able to see I needed something new in my life to give me true perspective, meaning, direction.

    The sacred text Steps to Knowledge can be viewed online for free, and started today at http://www.NewMessage.org/Steps

    I urge all who experience the hunger for the connection with the divine Presence within to take the path of self revelation within its pages. And to do so today. It is a journey that is so self empowering and strengthening at a fundamental level, I cannot possibly put its 9 years in my life, this one book, into words here. You'll have to experience it for yourself, honestly, openly, and patiently, and see how it impacts and reveals your True Self: your spiritual intelligence of Knowledge to you, day by day, step by step. It is super effective and potent and pure. I swear to God in me, and God in you. ….and that is just the first of his books that I experienced and read daily, to this day. He has a jaw dropping 8 more texts in publication, all of them original, beyond mere human perspective revelations about who we are at this time of historic change & our encounter with the Greater Community of life. Go experience it, the audio of the Sacred Experience, the Night Meditation, is so potent, I use it frequently for meditation and connection with the Presence within.

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