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Rick Joyner: Massive earthquake to hit West Coast, bring ruin and utter destruction

Rick Joyner: Massive earthquake to hit West Coast, bring ruin and utter destruction

Ignoring appeals to stop giving such warnings from his own followers, Rick Joyner is reinforcing his claim that the West Coast will suffer a horrendous earthquake that will bring ruin, mostly because of America's policies with Israel.  From the email on his website:

Our West Coast is about to be shaken like it has never been shaken before. I am encouraging everyone I know to pray for more time, but we don't have much time. Others also have been seeing similar things along the New Madrid fault line along the Mississippi River. Some have seen this linked with when the U.S. puts serious pressure on Israel to divide Jerusalem. There are amazing parallels between things we have done to Israel with natural disasters that have struck our country. These are not a coincidence.

Even so, the day this begins to unfold on our West Coast will be the worst day of my life. I learned a long time ago that you are unlikely to get credit for accurate prophecies until you're dead and no longer a threat. For this reason, I don't even consider being vindicated. I would much rather be wrong about this one, but I know I'm not. Since the Japan earthquake and tsunami, I have been feeling the grief more and more for our own countrymen that are on our West Coast.

The below video features Joyner fielding questions about the megaquake he says will hit the West Coast:

 Joyner has previously prophesied that the Japanese earthquake would unleash "demonic Nazism" in the United States.  Right Wing Watch explains:
As he explains it, the demonic principalities responsible for Nazism in Germany were going to attempt to take over the United States and, according to the prophetic visions of Joyner and others, it would happen amid a massive economic collapse that would start with an earthquake in Japan. As such, given the devastation caused by this earthquake, Japan will need to call in the American debt to rebuild their nation, unleashing an economic catastrophe in the US and thereby opening the door for this demonic Nazi force to take root:

And, as always, all we have to do to stop this ruin of the West Coast is to repent, according to Joyner.

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  • jay martin

    Of course something is about to happen in the U.S. Obongo signing the NDAA bill in secret on New Years evening, followed by the activation and staffing of FEMA camps, Massive transport of military tanks and defense vehicles, SOPA, PIPA and now ACTA, an out of control budget, 700+ banks predicted to fail in the next 3 years, rioting on US soil along with class war predicted by super investors, and an out of control government. But as we keep out eyes on the middle east, Israel, Iran, Damascus we see Iran/Russia/China aligning as one as the Bible predicts, as well as Damascus being closer to destruction (as Isaiah predicts) and more animosity toward Israel. God is giving the world every chance to believe and receive Christ Jesus as our savior by showing us the truth in His prophecies. Praise the Lord.

  • The really sad thing is that if there is an earthquake on the West Coast anytime soon it will just make the likes of Rick Joyner even more steadfast in this silly nonsense. Above all, the Bible call for justice in the Middle East.

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