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Pastor complains that Starbucks is "turning against God" and following Satan

Pastor complains that Starbucks is "turning against God" and following Satan

Starbucks Coffee ShopPastor Steven Andrew, president of USA Christian Ministries, has issued a call for "every Christian and church to boycott Starbucks."  His reasoning is that Starbucks supports marriage equality in the state of Washington, ignoring Leviticus 22:18 which reads, "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination."

Claiming that Starbucks is following the dictates of Satan, Andrew laments that, "Homosexual 'laws' remove Americans' Christian freedom. Why is Starbucks against our Founding Father's and God's liberty?  George Washington, John Adams and John Jay made the Christian laws that Starbucks wants to make non-Christian."

Andrew urges the Christian majority to "stand up" against the homosexual minority.

"Starbucks can follow Satan if they want to," he says.  "However, pastors are to help Christians. Are you on the Lord's side? Will you help the USA be blessed by God?"

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  • Wayne

    I don't go into $tarbucks because of their tolerance of gays, I don't care what political or social policies a business has.

    I don't go in there because their coffee is the most foul, disgusting, worst tasting swill at rip-off prices.

    • warbler

      more for me! yum. I drink it every day, and adore it. This just makes it that much better.

  • I'm confused. I'm an atheist, and whenever I bring up the fact that the Bible says, among other things, to kill those who work on the Sabbath or wear cloth of mixed fibers, they say, "That's Old Testament. God doesn't hate that stuff anymore." Then when the gay issue comes up, you guys keep pulling out quotes from Leviticus.
    You should follow the Golden Rule more closely, which can be restated as, "Live and let live".

    • whereduparkurbrain

      Well seeing your not a Christian,this explains the fact you don't know the Bible. So i'll let it slide,but the fact is the New Testament specifically states "no homosexual will enter the kingdom of God". Pretty clear there & it's in BOTH old & new. Sorry I had to rain on your self proclaimed parade,no,i'm not. One day,when Jesus returns,you will beg,yep, BEG for forgiveness,but sadly it will be too late for you & everyone who promotes this sin.
      just curious….but if you wanted to say for example"uh murders only mentioned in the OT so it's no longer true,is it true? Oh that's right! This nation was built off of the Bible's teaching. Go back to school if you've missed this truth. It sucks when you know your wrong & try soooo hard to make everyone else believe the delusions you do,isn't it.

      • "no homosexual will enter the kingdom of God" —

        Care to give us a reference? Book, chapter and verse?

        And what school did you go to that teaches that the nation was built off of the Bible's teaching? Old testament? New testament? What about deism?

        Since you apparently think that everyone who does not agree with your worldview is brainless, please enlighten us with your vast and superior knowledge and education.


  • Jennie Van Heuit

    Leviticus, really? If you're taking Leviticus as the literal word of God, I hope you're not wearing mixed-fiber clothing, and that you never, ever eat shellfish, and that the women in your house leave for seven days during their menstrual cycles. You do keep Kosher, don't you? Picking and choosing to exclude doesn't sound like our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to me. He was all about love and inclusivity. Read up.

  • Josh

    I am sipping a Starbucks coffee right now and posting all sorts of stuff about equal rights on my FB. I am not gay, but I know people who are…by the way, these people I know seem to have much better values then most Christians I know. Go ahead biblethumpers, start a holy war.

  • Kent

    This guy should also boycot barbershops too… Leviticus also says cutting your hair is enough to send you to hell.

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