The Bible Slam: Exodus Chapter 12

This chapter is the culmination of the previous ones … the Hebrews finally leave Egypt.

The people of Israel are to make blood sacrifices and smear the blood on their doors.   Special dietary provisions — including a rule that no uncircumcised male (including the Hebrews' slaves) may eat the passover meal — are commanded.

The days of unleavened bread and passover (both of which are Old Testament celebrations) are to be celebrated for all time.

The death angel passes over Egypt and doesn't kill the firstborn of the Hebrews, who had blood on their doors.   But the firstborn of all classes of Egyptians, and their beasts, which would presumably include livestock and pets, were killed, creating horrific emotional pain.

The Israelites "borrow" things (like they did in Chapter 11) from the Egyptians so they have materials to take with them when they leave.   There were supposedly 600,000 men (which would boost the population to over 1 million if considering women and children) who left Egypt.

Note:   The translation that is read below indicates that it was the firstborn sons and firstborn male livestock that were killed; however, the King James version does not specify gender, merely stating that the firstborn were killed.

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Discussion Points.

Besides the violence and carnage inflicted by the bible god, Exodus 12 leaves many unanswered questions and just plain fantastic assertions.

  • If God was able to figure out which was the first born, why the need for blood on the doors?   Could God simply figure out which ones were Hebrew and which were Egyptian, particularly since previous chapters asserted that the Hebrews lived in Goshen and did not suffer some of the plagues?
  • Exodus 12:29 claims that "all the firstborn cattle" were killed.   Yet, all cattle were killed in previous plagues (Exodus chapters 9 and 11).
  • The population growth of the Hebrews is beyond belief (the link includes the numbers described in the video below).
  • The Hebrews are slaves.   Yet, they have slaves, according to this chapter.   Where's the justice?
  • Exodus 12 indicates that the children of Israel "borrowed" items from the Egyptians, with full knowledge that they would be taking whatever they needed with them.   Isn't this "stealing" for everyone else?
  • Why would a "loving" God kill innocents, such as firstborn infants and children and cute puppies or kittens?   Why worship a deity such as this violent, hate-filled one?

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