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A New Journey of Service Begins

A New Journey of Service Begins

With deep humility and gratitude I'm going to use this  opportunity Deborah has given me to write for God Discussion to do some shameless self-promotion.  For those who may be skeptical or have questions about what I do, please read this article I posted here yesterday

I've been developing my Clairvoyant and Intuitive skills in a class taught by Lori Camacho, a Multidimensional Healer and co-owner of Awakenings and owner of Sacred Connections. I've always believed that hidden deep under the layers of our societal conditioning is the truth that will set us free. I believe that as we peel back the layers of self doubt, negative stories, insecurities, and all ideas that don't serve us, we will find radiating there the spark of Divine light illuminating our path forward.

It took many "dark nights of the soul" for me to get through this course – and to come close to finding that light within. Many times quitting sounded pretty darn enticing. Dredging up old memories (and the stories they created which have haunted me for decades) was just about the hardest thing I've ever had to do (aside from burying a child and watching another battle cancer.) But working on the self – the inner-work as it is often called – is not easy. It's difficult to be honest enough with ourselves that we become aware of our never-before-noticed imperfections – and also to learn to recognize and embrace the parts of us that are whole and healthy.

Strangely enough, many of the ideas I've had about myself were backwards. I always considered myself a very giving and selfless person. But upon closer inspection and brutal honesty with myself, I discovered I've been pretty selfish my whole life. On the other hand, I always thought I was not very intelligent. To my total surprise, I've learned that I'm very intelligent and have a gift for connecting my heart with my mind to uncover truth.

So now it's time for me to take the gifts I've honed in this class to the next level. It's time to offer my services to those who are seeking greater understanding of themselves. My own personal life experience has taught me to never judge another until I've walked in their shoes, and actually, not even then. We never know why people do what they do, or the struggles they deal with daily, or what traumas of the past keep them in fear. All I can do is share, with compassion, the wisdom I've learned along the way, and offer seekers the tools they need to help them heal themselves.

To see how we can be of service to each other, please visit my website, The Joyful Mystic and after reading the article and perusing the site, you can click the "My Services" tab at the top of the page to better understand the services I offer.  Blessings of love and light on your journey, wherever it takes you.


About Sheri Lawson

Sheri is the author of The Spell of Religion and the Battle Over Gay Marriage. She and her husband, Steve, have a keen interest in spirituality and metaphysics. As she longed for a deeper understanding of the pathway to God, one that taught more than the simple concept “Be good in this life and you will be rewarded in the next,” Sheri was drawn to the metaphysical world, a world untainted by the personal agendas of man through dogma.
  • I hear you about working oneself. I've done a lot of "inner work" for the past couple of years and sometimes it is very difficult. However, I don't know about psychic and palm readings. I'm very skeptical about such things, despite them possibly being fun. I have this idea that they make up only good stuff, and avoid revealing anything bad, even if they really can see these things. I want to know the bad with the good, if it is possible to know, and have any of it sugar coated. That's only the beginning of what makes me skeptical, but to list them all would take time.

  • Mriana, I've shared plenty of stuff that wasn't sugar coated. If it's in the best interest of the person I'm reading, and they are ready to hear, I have no problem giving challening news. I say challenging rather than bad, because everything is relative. When we consider there really is no good or bad, only steps along our path of spiritual progress, then all of it serves us in one way or another. When I first became interested in Palmistry back in the late 70's, I read my sister-in-laws palm. Her life line was only half of what a normal lifeline usually is. I wondered what that meant. On Feb 17, 1980 (my ex-husband and my first wedding anniversary) she was killed in a plane crash. Since then I've seen things I would rather not reveal to those whose palms I'm reading – so I usually di it just for fun.

    • I wouldn't want it sugar coated, but I would want the honest truth. I don't know if that is possible, but I'm from Missour-a, "The Show Me State". I'll believe it when I see it. 😆

  • Sheri, please keep us posted on how it goes. I know you've worked really hard on all of this, and I wish you the best.


  • Ed-words

    No paranormal practice,
    including palm reading, has ever been
    scientifically tested successfully.
    Let's leave therapy to the professionals
    before someone is harmed.


    • Sheri

      Thanks for your input Ed-words. I am a professional. I have studied the subject of metaphysics for many years, and have learned from the best masters. I've also looked objectively at what I've been taught, and if it didn't resonate with me, I let it go. And just as people of science can't really explain electromagnetism, gravity, radio waves, energy, etc, doesn't mean they don't exist. In fact, we know they do. I know the physical world of energy is much more powerful and complex than many people understand, and I know that unless we humans begin to understand that innate power within us, the planet is in for some big trouble. I'm simply trying to help others awaken from the ego mind spell that the powerful and often corrupt (mainly within churches) has imposed on us to keep us controlled. Once we awaken to the world of possibilities we hold within ourselves, we can never go back.
      Blessings on your journey.

      • Without following it, I know the link Ed-words it pointing to and currently, actually for years now, The Amazing Randi is offering a million dollars to someone who can prove paranormal talents. Ed-words seems more skeptical (possibly a different word is needed) than I am about palm reading and alike, in which case he might even question empathy, so I don't know if you can even talk him into one even for fun.

        • Ed-words

          A different word? How about "realistic"?

        • Ed-words

          empathy-to identify with another's feelings

          (No problem)

          • zzzzz

            Well, you've got the definition down. Whether you do (empathize)or not is another matter.

    • zzzzz

      "Professionals" have done quite enough harm, thank you. I am looking for and eagerly anticipating the emergence of alternative therapies. Thank you, Sheri, for posting.

  • Sheri

    Oh, and P.S. Ed-words, many things in the metaphysical world have been tested, there just haven't been conclusive results. This takes us into the world of quantum physics and quantum mechanics. It takes an observer to create reality. People who will not open their minds to possibilities outside the norm of what they think they know, will never see what they don't believe – even if it's right in front of them.

    • Part of the reason, IMO, that there are no conclusive results is that most of these things cannot be done on command. You just cannot turn off the lights and ask a person what another is feeling on demand. Perception of a potentially serious problem or extreme elation with another human being is not something that can be turned on by command, not even in the dark. Thus, since they happen when they happen, it gets passed off as superstition and/or coincidence. As a consequence, few people openly and freely talk about such things with others. The same goes for those who feel they can read palms or believe they are psychic. Such sixth senses get easily dismissed by total nay-sayers because they cannot be easily tested via science, which throws them out of the category of skeptics, IMO, and into close-mindedness. A skeptic, from my POV, is open to the possibility. If one can be empathic, who's to say another cannot have a similar sixth sense, which is also difficult to test scientifically, in part because it isn't something easily turned on and off at will? This doesn't mean a person can't be skeptical though. It only falls out of skepticism, IMO, when one totally closes off the possibility because science cannot test it due to the fact it is not something that can be done at will.

      Am I making any sense?

      • Yes, you are making sense, Mriana.

        I just finished watching a PBS/Nova DVD about the mind (it's fairly popular on YouTube, particularly the segment where a man who has epileptic seizures thinks that he is God). In any event, one of the stories involved a man who was 100% blind, but he could perceive movement. It turns out that there is a 'reptilian' part of our brains which allows for perception outside of the normal realm of sight. It's a secondary conduit of nerves in the brain that co-exists with the ocular functions. To say that perception is 100% limited to the 5 senses is, in my opinion, somewhat closed minded.

        The brain is something of a "new frontier" and I think that with time, we may understand more about how it works and how it may perceive outside of the standard five senses.

        • Well, I believe, and there has been some talk/hypothesis on this topic, that we all have a sixth sense, if not more. Some of this hypothesis includes the possibility society/religion has suppressed this so much that most humans do not develop it. Yet, people acknowledge there is something about those who are blind and/or deaf develop more acute senses to make up for the lack of the lost one(s). I think what we may eventually find is that we all these, but not development them for whatever reason.

          However, most of this is all hypothetical and has not gone into intensive scientific research because of the difficulty to be conclusive about it. It not like white rabbits, Skinner's box, or Pavlov's dogs.

  • Sheri

    Very interesting conversation here, Deboarh and Mriana. I wish we could all sit down with a glass of wine (or beer) and discuss face to face this topic:-) Since taking this class the most remarkable information has come through. We have been doing cold readings on strangers, and then readings on each other in class. We were doing a spirit circle once where we invited departed souls to come through with messages. One of the other students told me she had a message from my grandmother. When she gave me the message I thought it was my paternal grandma, then she said, "her name is Agnes and she's your mom's mom." I almost fell off my chair. That is my maternal grandmas name. Then I was doing a reading for a stranger, and before she arrived I saw a bright beautiful rainbow. When she got there I knew right away she was probably gay. Then her mom came through and I knew she had recently passed. She wanted to know what sign or symbol she and her mom could use when she wanted to connect with her. At first I got a butterfly, then I stopped and said, "this is strange, a cob of corn?" She started to cry and said, "my parents always told me that I was born in a cob of corn because it was my favorite food as a child and it was all I ever wanted to eat." This is just a small sample of the amazing information that has come through by using the techniques we were taught in class.

  • Ed-words


    " . . .that after years of searching for paranormal phenomena and not finding them,
    I am no longer prepared to spend my precious time . . ."

  • Ed-words

    Anything can be "tested".

    Do paranormal beliefs pass the tests? No.

    Then the apologists sound just like
    religi holics."This is beyond the realm of science.It can't be proven.Have faith!"

    Contact Randi and win a million dollars!

    • I don't think she's in it for the money or even for show, Ed-words, at least not in the way you're suggesting. The million dollars is not of any interest to her.

  • Ed-words, I'm only interested in helping those who are searching for meaning in their lives. If they aren't interested in what I do, no problem, I honor their path, wherever it takes them. For those who ask for my assistance on that path, I'm grateful to offer my services, and hopefully give them some insight which they didn't have before.

    • Ed-words

      "Insight?" From lines in the palms of their
      hands? From departed souls?

      Good luck to you.

      (But please,if any of your followers
      seem to have mental "issues", send them
      to a medical doctor before it's too late.)

  • "If it is a miracle, any sort of evidence will answer, but if it is a fact, then proof is necessary." ~ Mark Twain.

    Personally, I never believe anything until I have proof. Often I'm unable to translate that proof to non-believers, but the soul always knows truth when it hears it.

  • Sheri

    Ed-words, I will take your advice under advisement. I've found that most people who have mental issues have them because they are too much in their minds and have not found a way to connect with their soul. This work can help with that. But I don't claim to be a psychologist, I simply follow where my higher self leds me, and people often come away feeling better.

  • Yes i think why is an important question to ask about why you do something… are you knowledable enough, do you have the vocation, are you passionate about it, several questions are answered when you ask that ‘why’

  • It's such a heart touching Blog……..It's really nice……Thnks for sharing this.

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