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Mitt Romney's atheist father-in-law baptized into the Mormon church after he was dead

Mitt Romney's atheist father-in-law baptized into the Mormon church after he was dead

Mormon baptism poolMitt Romney's father-in-law, an atheist who thought that organized religion was ridiculous, was baptized after his death by the Mormon church.  Baptism of the dead is a practice of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a practice which gained national attention when the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants complained that the church was posthumously baptizing victims of the Holocaust.  Mormons believe that the dead have the choice to accept or reject the services performed for them.

Edward Davies, Ann Romney's father, was an atheist who was so strongly anti-religion that he was the only member of Ann (Davies) Romney's immediate family who did not convert to Mormonism.

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  • Haitiana4Obama

    If we're going by fact: RMoney evidently participated in a religious rite which violated the wishes and beliefs of his deceased father-in-law in accordance to RMoney's own personal beliefs? Usually I would say religion is private. But I must ask myself can such a man with those beliefs truly value the rights and choices of others enough to objectively run this country and it's military? Will the USA embark on a MISSION to save souls across the globe dead or alive? Will the deceased service members suffer the indignities of a secret-baptism? These are valid questions as this man is seeking to be the LEADER of the USA and has stated he will govern in accordance with his religious beliefs.

  • Ed-words

    At least someone in that family has some sense.

    Mother Theresa has been accused of doing something similar.

  • Brigham Young and the entire Mormon hierarchy would have been hanged in 1857, had the Mountain Meadows Massacre been prosecuted to its fullest potential.

    Whence some one hundred and forty, California bound Arkansas men and women, were slaughtered under a flag of truce, after Mormons decked out as Indians attacked their wagons.

    Forty two white men were hanged at Gainesville Texas in 1862, for failing to support the Confederacy, the same year thirty eight Santee Sioux were hanged in Minnesota, after five American settlers were killed by Indians, whose case rested on their assertion that the settlers had fired first.

    While eighty five Irish traitors, were justly hanged in New Mexico in 1846, they had deserted General Taylor’s command, and joined Santa Anna’s forces in Mexico, then crossing back into Texas slew eleven of their former comrades from ambush, on the northern banks of the Rio Grande!

    Fifty four Mormons took part in the Mountain Meadows Massacre, of whom thirty two were from England .. Brigham Y was up to his neck in it all, as well he received livestock and property looted from the wagons .. John D Lee Mormon Bishop and adopted son of BY, was the single Mormon executed by firing squad in 1877, twenty yrs after the event!

    Provo Utah is the site of at least one FEMA camp – picture inbred descendants of the massacre perpetrators, having their way with the thousands of internees, using the same rationale that fueled the MMM, that the victims are “Gentiles!”

  • Mitt Romney only baptized the dead becaues zombies make easy converts. It's efficient, really.


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