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UFOs sighted in England–some say two, others say six

UFOs sighted in England–some say two, others say six

2012 has begun with some interesting UFO sightings. The Daily Mail reports that two "alien aircraft" were recently sighted in Kent, Chatham and Essex, England.  The first photograph was taken by Ernestas Griksas, 21, who was taking a picture of a cherry-picker outside his home in Chatham at around 1pm.














The second photograph was taken by Josh Cummins, a car salesman in Essex.











Open Minds.com adds that there were six sightings altogether:

As the Daily Mail reports, the sightings were made just 30 miles apart “in an area now dubbed the country’s UFO hotspot.”

All six of these UFOs look strikingly similar. But that is not the only similarity between the two sightings. Both witnesses are 21-years-old. And interestingly, both witnesses may work in the same industry. According to the Sun, Josh Cummins, the second witness, is a car salesman. Ernestas Griksas, the first witness, may be a car salesman too. I came across a partially-working website of someone named “Ernestas Griksas” who happens to be located in Kent. Content on this website explains:

I am currently the co-owner of “Griksas & Turner” car sales (established in early 2009) in which me and my co-director have seen profits of 100%. However this market has become increasingly difficult to attract due to the recession. In 2011, the business has come to a stand still and we are currently re-evaluating our business strategy.

Could the close proximity of the sightings, the “remarkably similar” UFOs (as the Sun describes them), the matching ages of the two witnesses, and the matching professions of those two witnesses all be a coincidence? Of course. It is possible that the same UFOs were seen by the two witnesses in different locations. And it is also possible that the “Ernestas Griksas” website I found is the website of a different Ernestas Griksas in Kent.

But these pieces of evidence create the possibility that the two witnesses may know each other. And the nearly identical UFOs bear a striking resemblance to reflections of light bulbs hanging in light fixtures. Both photos were reportedly shot through windows, which increases the probability that the strange objects were simply light reflections.

Conspiracy or not, UFO buffs might find these photos intriguing. Then there's this image over the Taipei, Taiwan fireworks on New Year's Day:

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  • Matthew

    I dont believe these are genuine, why would you randomly take a picture of a cherry picker? And it seems convienient that one guy owns a motor business, and the other works at one. It's set up if you ask me, they're definitely light bulb reflections…

    • I agree that they do look like reflections of lightbulbs. Given the similarities in the witnesses and the close proximity of the two locations it is even possible they may have been taken by the same person.

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