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Fundamentalist Christian leaders complain that pastors who do not believe in a 6,000 year old earth are being deceived by Satan and buying into the "hoax" and "scam" of the theory of evolution

Fundamentalist Christian leaders complain that pastors who do not believe in a 6,000 year old earth are being deceived by Satan and buying into the "hoax" and "scam" of the theory of evolution

Genesis in Bible and FlagLast week, Lifeway Research published a survey revealing that Protestant preachers strongly believe in creationism, but that they are divided on the age of the earth.  Christian fundamentalists have a problem with this.

According to Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and creator of the Creation Museum, preachers who reject the idea that the earth is just 6,000 years old are rejecting biblical authority:

Question: Why would any Christian want to take man’s fallible dating methods and use them to impose an idea on the infallible Word of God? Christians who accept billions of years are in essence saying that man’s word is infallible, but God’s Word is fallible!

This is the crux of the issue. When Christians have agreed with the world that they can accept man’s fallible dating methods to interpret God’s Word, they have agreed with the world that the Bible can’t be trusted. They have essentially sent out the message that man, by himself, independent of revelation, can determine truth and impose this on God’s Word. Once this “door” has been opened regarding Genesis, ultimately it can happen with the rest of the Bible.

You see, if Christian leaders have told the next generation that one can accept the world’s teachings in geology, biology, astronomy, etc., and use these to (re)interpret God’s Word, then the door has been opened for this to happen in every area, including morality.

Ham goes on to say that belief that the earth is millions of years old is Satanic:

Bottom line—evolution is really not the problem as much as the age of the earth. Millions of years is the problem in today’s world that has resulted in a loss of biblical authority in the church and culture and has led to an increasing loss of generations from the church.

I personally believe that belief in millions of years is the lie of Satan in this present world that is used as one of the greatest attacks on God’s Word. Yet the acceptance of millions of years permeates the church. Really, it is no different than the Israelites who adopted the idols of the pagan cultures and worshiped pagan Gods—often mixed in with what God’s Word instructed them concerning holy days, sacrifices, etc.

The church needs to wake up to the fact that when God’s people accept the pagan religion of millions of years, they are helping the enemies of God attack His Holy Word.

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association agrees, saying that the Protestant pastors are making an "enormous concession" to the "bankrupt theory of evolution" (discussion starts @ 3:24 in the video):

The reason this is significant is these men ought to believe that the earth is 6,000 years old for exactly the same reason they ought to believe or do believe that God created man, because that's what the Bible says.


The theory of evolution is just as bad as the theory that men are causing global warming.  It's just as much as a hoax, just as much as a scam.  People just haven't caught on to it yet.  It's just as much of a scam as the theory that HIV causes AIDs.  That's a total hoax perpetrated by researchers that wanted money for their labs.

According to Fischer, the pastors "ought to know better" than to believe that the earth is billions of years old instead of 6,000 years.

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  • http://www.houseofbetazed.com Mriana

    Boy they are really pushing for ignorance and anti-education/anti-science, aren't they? It's really stupid how they go about imposing and enforcing their beliefs on others, as well as ignorance and anti-science.

  • Martin

    Fischer, the founding fathers didn't believe in god like you do, they were deist. BTW the bible is the word of idots(not god) that thought the world was flat. The bible is anything but infallible.

  • jake

    Let's see,first there is Oral Roberts and his 900 foot tall Jesus camped out on his lawn.
    Next is the self proclaimed prophet Pat Robertson,who said Katrina was a punishment from God.
    Then we have the late Jerry Falwell,who blamed gays for 9/11.
    There was Jim and Tammy Faye the flock fleecers,Jimmy Swaggertt,the whore monger,Robert Tilton the drunk,Kenneth Copeland who is mentally deranged,Raphael Cruz,the blatent racist,Hagee the glutton,Ralph Reed the crook(bed fellow of Jack Abramoff) We had amy Semple McPhearson who diddled with little boys, Should I go on? I would but we lack space. It all boils down to one thing. Politicizing God and Hypocritical attitudes.Frauds,Fakes,Modern day Pharasees.

  • Dave O'Reilly

    These people keep calling themselves Christians. I'm just wondering when they're gonna read the second half of the Bible. The one called The New Testament? Where God no longer feels the need to mete out punishment the way Robertson and Falwell claims he does?

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