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Evangelical pastors strongly believe in creationism, but differ on the age of the earth

Evangelical pastors strongly believe in creationism, but differ on the age of the earth

Genesis in Bible and FlagAccording to LifeWay Research's survey of 1,000 American Protestant pastors, the majority believe in the biblical creation story and 74 percent strongly agree that Adam and Eve were literally the very first human beings who lived on earth.  As to the idea that God used evolution to create humankind, 64 percent strongly disagreed and 8 percent somewhat disagreed.

The respondents were almost evenly divided about the age of the earth.

Those having the strongest belief in creationism and a 6,000 year old earth came from the southern states and were Evangelical rather than Mainline Protestants.

On his American Family Association radio program, Buster Wilson expressed his pleasure that so many Protestants believe that there was a literal Adam and Eve.  "So that's encouraging for us who believe the Bible," he remarked after reading the survey results.  "It's encouraging to learn that pastors overwhelmingly still believe that the story in the Bible is true."

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  • Jean-Francois Morf

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    Scientist found unexpected structure with geo radar, deep into Noah's Ark: the tear, downside the ark, is due to stupid scientist using black powder to search for wood. They found no wood, because the ark wood is petrified, fossilized, transformed into stone. No carbon 14 anymore for dating: only the timbers form remains. Density and conductivity variations can be seen with the underground radar. Nobody awaited a pool in the middle of the boat. This pool allowed light from under water to illuminate inside the totally closed boat. The pool allowed to pilot the anker/rudder stones from above, and the piston effect of the up and down water level in the pool changed the air in the almost hermetic boat…

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    Where the deck support timber has been found, on the surface of Noah's ark:

    Where Iron parts has been detected, in the deepness of Noah's ark:

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    (Crosses has been engraved, but after JC: one big for Noah, all others for Noah's 3 sons, 4 legal wives, many sexual slaves…)

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    How could a deluge scientifically be explained, that transported the ark from Mesopotamia to Ararat:

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    Jean-Francois Morf
    Sorry, photos comes only with e-mail…

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