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Terry to show graphic anti-abortion ads to New Hampshire prime time television viewers

Terry to show graphic anti-abortion ads to New Hampshire prime time television viewers

Randall Terry anti-abortion adRandall Terry is running for president on the Democratic ticket, not because he harbors any hope of winning, but because it offers him an opportunity to run graphic anti-abortion ads on television.

Terry has announced that he will be airing such ads in New Hampshire during WBIN's statewide prime time television lineup, such as during the evening news and during shows such as Law and Order, 30 Rock and The Office.  The 30-second ads calls on Catholic and evangelical voters to "defend unborn babies with their vote."

The ads will also run in Boston and in the state of Maine next month.

"While I might not be able to defeat Obama in this primary cycle, I could cause his defeat in the general election if enough Catholic and evangelicals who voted for him in 2008 refuse to vote for him in 2012 because of his shameless promotion of child-killing," Terry said. "The babies who have been dispatched into eternity by the abortionist's knife under Obama's policies deserve a voice in this election. My campaign provides that voice without apology."

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  • http://www.houseofbetazed.com Mriana

    The pictures they are showing are not that of an actual fetus. That is not at all what fetuses look like in the first three months. Again, it is pure propaganda, with no facts.

    • Kathy

      Actually, the ads do contain pictures of first trimester aborted fetuses (meaning unborn offspring aka babies) that were retrieved from a dumpster outside an abortion "clinic" with the patient records with them. The pictures were taken so that these poor innocent babies would not be forgotten. The abortion industry doesn't want people to know what unborn babies really look like because they'd lose money from women that decide not to murder their own children.

  • http://travelwisconsin.us/ TracyAnn0312

    Yeah! it does not look fetus at all! Hope that Terri would win the place so that he can promote anti-abortion at the same time, it can help to lessen people that are about to take abortion!

  • http://www.datcakentrehberi.com Datça

    woow.. ıyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:) What is this bro :) thank you for share

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