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New Apostolic Reformation News:  Punching a man for Jesus heals him of cancer

New Apostolic Reformation News: Punching a man for Jesus heals him of cancer

Joyner and BentleyAs seen in a video clip provided by Right Wing Watch, a blog of People for the American Way, Todd Bentley of the Lakeside Revival explained to his mentor, Rick Joyner, that when he began his ministry, he punched a man with a broken sternum and several broken ribs, thus healing him of cancer.

According to Bentley,

"I didn't realize he was in a truck accident and he broke his sternum and he had several broken ribs.  The Lord didn't tell me this.  All I knew was I was going to pray for somebody who was going to be healed of cancer.  We were going to bind a strong man.  This man's healing would be the first sign of a brand new anointing over death and infirmity and cancer.  That's what the Lord told me.  So when he finally came up onto the platform and I was going to go pray for him, the Lord spoke to me and I know it was the Lord, and it's got to be the Lord, you only do this when it's the Lord — The Lord told me, and remember, I didn't know he had a broken sternum or broken ribs, the Lord said, 'I want you to punch him in the sternum as hard as you can.'  And I'm thinking to myself, you know, you know, restoration, Rick's here, my first service, you know, God, you want me to punch this guy, and it just didn't make sense to me and I thought, Lord, he's dying.  And he lost over 40 pounds.  So anyways, I punched him in that broken sternum and he ended up on the ground and just vibrating under the power of God, and he gets up and immediately, you could see a change in his face, in his countenance.  And long story short, he was totally healed of cancer.  The broken sternum was healed.  The ribs were healed, instantly.

Joyner and Bentley joked about how people should not do this at home unless "the Lord tells them to."

Rick Joyner and other New Apostolic Reformation leaders are enjoying an increasing level of influence in Republican politics.  They believe that in the end times, they will perform "signs and wonders."  Cindy Jacobs recently told those attending "The Call" on November 11 in Detroit that they will raise the dead.

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