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Christian friends of Christopher Hitchens say he's in for a 'big surprise' now that he's dead

Christian friends of Christopher Hitchens say he's in for a 'big surprise' now that he's dead

Christians Bill Bennett and Rick Warren are getting the last word in.  They say that now that Christopher Hitchens, world famous atheist, author and journalist is dead, he can finally see God.  At least, that's what the inference is.

Rick Warren tweeted the following today:

@RickWarren Rick Warren
My friend Christopher Hitchens has died. I loved & prayed for him constantly & grieve his loss. He knows the Truth now.
As can be seen, others didn't take the above eulogy so well:

Raw Story reports that Bill Bennett got his two cents in as well: “He was left, I was right, but we had great debates, great drinking bouts,” conservative radio host Bill Bennett said on CBS Thursday. “And I hope as the big atheist that he was, he’s in for a big surprise.”

As we reported earlier today, Hitchens died at 62 from cancer.  The below video shows Bill Bennett's remarks about Hitchens:

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  • 🙄 I figured they would all be saying some really crazy and even some sick things. However, this is not as twisted as "Hitchens is in hell because God loves him".

  • R.M.Shetty

    Why should people react this way to what Rick has tweet. i think even cristopher wont react the way we are reacting rither reflect to what rick is trying to convey, Its simple man who said there is not enough evidence to belive in God will know it for for sure,its for both the parties, one who belive and non- beliver.

  • COinMS

    Actually, since death is likened to sleep in the Bible, he actually knows nothing now (Ecc. 9:5). Why anyone listens to BIll Bennett is beyond me anyway. No one really knows what happens after death, but if someone claims to be Christian, they should at least be intellectually honest and admit that death is portrayed as a sleep, unconsciousness, literally oblivion. The promise is of a resurrection from the dead, which Mr. Hitchens will share with the rest of humanity.

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