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Atheist messages kick nativity scene to the curb in California park

Atheist messages kick nativity scene to the curb in California park

Atheists scored big in a lottery that gave them 18 out of the 21 spaces traditionally reserved for the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee, a coalition of 13 churches, and the Santa Monica Police Officers Association for the last 60 years. The coalition got two of the spaces in the new lottery system, and a spokesman for the coalition of the city's churches is crying foul, despite the fact that the atheists only used three of the spaces:

"Our belief is that these new applicants have been working together to displace and push out the nativity scenes from the park, rather than erecting a full display of their own," said Hunter Jameson, a spokesman for a coalition of the city's churches.

Conspiracy theories aside, the atheist messages went as follows:










One reads: "Religions are all alike — founded upon fables and mythologies. — Thomas Jefferson."

"Happy Solstice," reads another.


CBS News reports that City Attorney Marsha Moutrie wrote, however, that the Christmas displays cross the boundary into First Amendment free speech rights, which know no geographical boundaries.

"Everyone has equal rights to use the streets and parks for expressive activities, irrespective of residency," Moutrie wrote.

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  • LarryLinn

    Once again the Christians are using the taxpayer’s money to promote their religious beliefs. This nativity scene is placed upon government land, subsidized by Jews, agnostics, and other non-Christians. Why don’t they leave the United States and go to Northern Ireland or some other country where they can get government subsidizes to promote their religion.

  • The article was about how atheists finally managed to get a significant piece of the real estate from the Christians in order to air their own views.

    • Which is a good thing, esp if Xians are going to air their views. A menorah wouldn't be bad either, as well as Yule log and other views.

  • You know, when I think of the holidays, I do not think of a nativity scene and think when the Religious Reich started in their "war on Xmas" that is when the "magic" went. The holidays have nothing to do with the Nativity scene, at least not originally. Before Xmas became a Xian holiday, it was purely Pagan and in the Colonies, was not celebrated as a federal holiday. It was not a federal holiday up until the last hundred or so years. Most Christians didn't even celebrate it until it became a notorious as a federal holiday.

  • A lottery system does seem fair, considering that is what they decided to do with the Veteran's Memorial in King, NC, over the religious/non-religious flags.


  • I would agree to LarryLinn. Christian's use the money of taxpayers that is why if the Government did not allow them to make a protest, then they must follow it. As a matter of fact, they are the ones that starts a fight against Government officials!

  • p

    I agree your article but i think this nativity scene is placed upon government land.So must follow government rules.

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