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Christian voters to 'set the standard' in Iowa

Christian voters to 'set the standard' in Iowa

Iowa Champion the VoteThe "Champion the Vote" project, which aims to mobilize 5 million Christian voters before the 2012 elections, has produced a new ad urging Christians in Iowa to vote in the January 3 Republican presidential primary.

According to Champion the Vote, Iowa's Christian voters will "set the standard for the Christian voters in America."  It goes on to say,

"If faithful Christians in Iowa will show up at the caucuses and vote, it wont' just tell the candidates how you feel about your faith and values, it will get national attention and it will actually send a message to Christians across the nation that they need to keep the momentum going by showing up to vote in each of their respective states to say, 'We will be heard.'"

The proponents of Champion the Vote want the nation to "return to the timeless truth of a Biblical worldview," and endorse the philosophy of evangelist David Barton, whose version of history claims that the United States is a Christian nation and that there is no wall of separation between church and state.

The only Republican candidate who has been featured in Champion the Vote DVDs and presentations is Newt Gingrich, who proclaimed that, "I can be pretty tolerant but I can't imagine being comfortable with an atheist in the presidency. And frankly, we should be very direct about this fight. I, for one, am tired of the long trend towards a secular, atheist system of thought dominating our colleges, dominating our media."

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  • MJ

    A biblical worldview? you mean we should percieve adultery as an executable offence and force raped women to marry the men who raped them? Whats the bet these same people like to whinge about 'creeping sharia'?

  • Jonathan

    "Return to the timeless truth of a Biblical worldview."? Is this the timeless Biblical View that was against equality for women or blacks? Was this the timeless view that Christian proponents of slavery used when they held up their bibles to argue against it's abolishment?
    Sorry but I don't agree that those were the best of times.

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