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Prayers for Daily Strength

Prayers for Daily Strength

Life can be difficult.

I don't remember the last time I've experienced so much trouble in such a short time.

  • Constant Job Insecurity
  • A Death in The Family
  • A Troubled Teenager
There are many ways to keep strong when your situation turns sour.  Some prefer yoga or meditation or even drugs.
I prefer prayer.
So, what are the best prayers for strength that you know of? Here are a few.  I'll share with you the prayer that gives me the most strength if you do the same for me.
Hopefully we can all learn something new.
My Prayer for Strength
Guide my hand in all that I do.
Let me be your instrument.
I am not perfect, but I strive to be in your image.
Lift me up on this day and show me the way.
In your name I pray.
So, why do I say this prayer?  It puts my head in the right place as I begin my day.
If I wake up and just let my mind wander, I immediately start to worry about all of the things in my life that I need to worry about.  This does me no good.  Why not clear the slate, and start fresh?
So, do you say a daily prayer for strength?  Share your prayers and comments with us below.

About Michael

Michael is a writer for several Christian Sites. His most recent work is a collection of Bible Verses by Subject including many categories, such as Bible verses for Strength.
  • Ed

    Thank you for this simple but powerful prayer. It humbles me and bring peace to my mind and heart. Let God guide me in everything I think and do so I may be beautiful in His sight with all those imperfections.

  • Thanks for the prayer. I also believe that prayer is the most significant weapon we can use in solving different problems. One reason is it can clear up your mind from doing wrong things. At the same time it can lead you to the right path!

  • This is a simple yet very strong prayer. I have no excuse not to say a short prayer like that everyday. Prayers are very powerful. My daughter has special needs and everyday for us is challenging. Because of prayers, we face the world with positivity and optimism. Now we thanks God for giving her to us. She's a blessing and because of her, we've become more prayerful and trusting of our God. Truly an angel. Thanks for this.

  • Mel

    Our soul needs a contact to the God which can be established by a prayer. It is simple and really helpful…

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