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Dead people to be physically resurrected in Detroit, per New Apostolic Reformation prophet

Dead people to be physically resurrected in Detroit, per New Apostolic Reformation prophet

Cindy Jacobs at the 11-11-11 The CallAt Lou Engle's controversial 11-11-11 "The Call" prayer and fasting event, "the word of the Lord" was revealed to the thousands in attendance by various New Apostolic Reformation luminaries.  Texas Gov. Rick Perry's "The Response" prayer event in August was heavily represented and endorsed by the New Apostolic Reformation leaders, including Cindy Jacobs and others participating in the 11-11-11 event.

Rick Joyner, head of The Oak Initiative and Morningstar Ministries, told those in attendance that they are the messengers of the Kingdom of God and their prayers would "touch heaven" and "shake hell." A "prophet" who really got the crowd excited was Cindy Jacobs, who said that dead people would be resurrected in Detroit and elsewhere and there would be child evangelists rising to preach the word.

Embedded below the transcript, the shaky video from a believer in attendance shows the cheering reaction of the crowd (@ 4:48) when Jacobs addressed the audience:

And the Lord would say, isn't Detroit a city that will be known for resurrections? I'm saying physical resurrections. There's going to be anointing of miracles that comes into this city. As a sign you will see those who have been dead, raised. The Lord says it will not just be one place for I am going to anoint a new generation of healers says the Lord. The Lord says anyone here and out there watching, the Lord would say, that you're going to see astounding things. Even the children, for the Lord says there will be a great children's awakening [inaudible due to shouting] and I am going to bring child preachers and I am going to bring my children evangelists and they're going to have the message for the hour, they're going to have dreams and visions. And the Lord would say, I am going to begin to rebuild in the midst of the economic shaking. I am going to do with what you cannot imagine with this city. The Lord says, Detroit, you are a sign.

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  • MJ

    I was getting a little worried about how involved these people seemed to be getting in american politics, now I feel a bit better. If history has taught me anything its so long as radical religious groups keep making such extraordinary predictions in a climate of modern skepticsm they won't get much farther than they already have. Even politicians like Bachmann know better than to keep a close relationship with weirdos that predict ressurections.

    • So long as these extremists are constantly made public, I agree.


  • I prophesize that its not going to happen. The dead will be as dead as they ever were. Of course their flesh rotten and decayed with bugs crawling all over it, if they are not just a skeleton already.

  • zzzzz

    Why Detroit? I mean, what does Detroit have that, say, Chicago or New York or Boston doesn't have? I don't really mind the prophesy, people are certainly entitled, but…

    • I guess it's supposed to start in Detroit, since that's where they had their rally.


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