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Pat Buchanan:  America is commiting suicide by rejection of Christianity

Pat Buchanan: America is commiting suicide by rejection of Christianity

Brian Fischer and Pat BuchananAccording to Pat Buchanan, conservative commentator and former GOP presidential candidate, America is steadily declining because of its "steady rejection of its Christian roots" and the declining faith in churches.  He sat down with the American Family Association's Brian Fischer to promote his book, Suicide of a Super Power.

Buchanan says that religion is the source of all morality and the source of all ethics and that when religion goes, the culture goes, the civilization goes, and finally the people begin to die.

Citing the Supreme Court's rejection of a case about the erection of crosses on Utah's highways and criticizing President Obama, Fischer claimed that efforts to purge the mention of God in the public square are happening daily.  "Well, it's the de-Christianization of America," Buchanan opined.  "If the faith,  Christianity, gave birth to our civilization and you reject it, again, the civilization will die and the people will die."

Buchanan claimed that the rejection of Christianity in America began in the 1960s with secularism instead of religion shaping young minds through education and entertainment. He wondered why the overwhelming 95% Christian majority in the 1960s let it happen.

He also blamed immigrants for the decline of America, saying "the melting pot has been rejected."

Fischer said that Europe is a "sneak preview" of where the United States is headed because of multiculturalism.  "It's time for us to reconsider Islamic immigration," Fischer declared, "because we're inviting into our shores people who do not share western values," suggesting that Muslims want Sharia law.  Buchanan agreed.  "We have to bring in people who share our views and values."  He said that immigration in the early days of the country consisted of immigrants from European Christian countries.  He suggested that immigration be put on hold until the employment levels go back up.

Fischer and Buchanan claim that Americans need to elect Republicans in 2012 to the Senate, the House and the presidency to save America.  Buchanan fears that America will not survive until 2025.


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  • Jeff

    Religion is the opiate of the masses.

  • diosymart

    I think I strongly agree to that. You were once a strong nation, but to your aim to be on top of the world, you are too busy with your worldly task, you seems to forget your God, you seems to believe that you made it on top acknowledging yourself but not the infinite. you seem to forget the word of God and freely remove it from your school. Now, were does your kids stand on their beliefs? nothing! they just believe on their selves but not to our creator.

  • Oh so Xianity is the only religion and its the only religion that can teach right from wrong. 🙄 Whatever. Our forefathers were escaping imposed and forced religion. They came here for freedom OF and FROM religion. Maybe humanism is more moral then Xianity OR I could be wrong and Buddhism is it OR the Egyptians who believed in Horus were right. Whatever the case, Xianity is not right for everyone and the U.S. did not begin as a Xian nation. The religion and the culture of Xianity needs to go or we will die. Xianity did not give birth to our civilization either. Mind forming? That would be Xianity, not other religions or philosophies. Seems to me he wants to brainwash everyone and force people to believe as he does. To be ALL Americans is to be different religions, creeds, philosophies, etc. His views are what started slavery, racism, anti-Semitism, etc. We don't have to have or need a common religion for a common culture. Religion is not culture. What they are talking is religious dogma.

    The reason why we have gridlock is because the Rep. are submitting to delusional dogma and trying to force their views on everyone. What we need to do is get those Rep out of office. There will be very little people alive with their views to save the States if they stay in office, because people will die from their policies.

    BTW, do you notice how mean and hateful looking the commentator looks? Buchanan doesn't look much nicer in his picture either.

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