The Bible Slam: Exodus Chapter 08

The magic match continues in Chapter 8.   First, God causes Aaron to create a plague of frogs.   There are so many frogs that they're in people's houses, in their ovens, in their beds and basically all over the place.   The Egyptian magicians were able to perform the same feat.

Pharaoh tells Moses and Aaron to have their God take the frogs away and he will let the people of Israel go worship for three days, as requested.   So God makes all of the frogs die and the Egyptians pile up all the dead frogs, which stink as they rot.

Pharaoh changes his mind, which God had said all along he would do.

So then Moses and Aaron create a plague of lice (gnats in other translations — the lice come from the King James Version), which the Egyptian magicians are unable to replicate.   Since they couldn't do the same trick, the magicians tell Pharaoh that "the finger of God" was involved.   Still, Pharaoh doesn't let the people go.

God then enables Moses and Aaron to create a plague of flies.   At this point, the Egyptian magicians don't even bother trying to replicate any more of the tricks.   There were huge swarms of flies in everyone's houses and "the land was corrupted" due to all the flies — although the flies did not plague Goshen, where the Israelites lived.

Pharaoh tells Moses that he will let the people go if the flies go away.   God makes the flies go away and this time, Pharaoh "hardened his heart" all by himself and refused to let the people go.

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Discussion Points.

Goshen was not hit with the fly plague.   This is the only instance so far where it was excepted from the plagues.   Apparently, the people of Israel also had to suffer from the blood, the frogs, and the lice.

Here's a clip from The Reaping which explains the plagues.

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