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Mississippi personhood amendment ad warns that opponents mock God

Mississippi personhood amendment ad warns that opponents mock God

Yes On 26 - Mississippi Personhood AdOn November 8, Mississippi voters will decide whether to pass Amendment 26, the so-called personhood amendment that would change the state constitution so that fertilized human eggs will be "persons" having constitutional rights.

Set to dark and ominous music, a recent video from the Yes on 26 campaign characterizes opponents of the amendment as anti-Christian and mocking God. The video includes snippets of the opponents' testimony during a hearing before the Secretary of State about putting the measure on the ballot.

Before flashing to a message that Mississippi knows better than to mock God and the "Yes on 26" frame, the video ad concludes with Galations 6:7, "Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap."


About D.

  • Oh give me a friggin' break! These people cannot or do not read their own book. The Bile does not say one word about abortion. In fact, baby killing is frequent in the Bile, not just by God, but by others too. They even follow God, so who are they to speak, esp when they do not know their own book? Their God story tells of millions of unborn babies and living children being killed by God and those who worship said deity. The only reason for this Pro-death, which is NOT Pro-life is to have millions of women AND babies die during childbirth. It is nothing but misogyny and if they take away a woman's right to abortion, many more women AND babies will die. It is nothing but a death sentence.

  • Jill

    OH WHATEVER! Slander is the act of the desperate who have lost their battle. I am a Christian, and I am wholeheartedly against Amendment 26. I am sickened that people who judge and lie call themselves Christians. 🙁

    • I agree, Jill. I found this ad to be repulsive.


  • We all have our different opinion about this issue but for me, I am a person who loves children. We should come to realize that abortion is not good in whatever angle you see. However, there are some cases wherein pregnant women have to abort their babies for serious situations that may be very risky and dangerous. However, this really needs a very critical and cautious decision making.

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