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Judgment Day tomorrow according to Harold Camping; probably, anyway

Judgment Day tomorrow according to Harold Camping; probably, anyway

Although he insists there was a "spiritual rapture" on May 21st, even though nothing happened that anyone else could see, Camping is still saying tomorrow is Judgment Day.  We previously reported that Camping is assuring us the "unsaved will die quietly tomorrow."

However, The Restored Church of God is saying Camping is wrong about October 21, 2011:

Theologian Paul Begley also disagrees with Camping although he says he thinks "Camping means well:"

Finally, Jesus has his say about Harold Camping and the October 21st Judgment Day, saying "Camping got on my nerves and that's why I didn't end the world on May 21st"

There are no billboards this time around, and the Camping camp is silent.  And tomorrow will be just another day, GodDiscussion readers.

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    We will see what will happen tomorrow, its a scary thought.

  • http://www.onlineblackfridaydeals.org/ John Pope

    It's the Nth time I hear this speculation. When will people realize preachers of the end of the world are just crooks trying to get your money. It's unbelievable how naive some people are.

  • AJ

    It's Friday right now in Austrailia.

    • http://www.goddiscussion.com Dakota O'Leary

      And you're still here! :)

  • DonDonP1

    It is 6:27 p.m. Saturday in Australia, New Zealand and Fuji. Nothing apocalyptic happened at all. Here's the proof: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44983933/ns/technology_and_science-science/#.TqECbN7iGU9

  • Moochie Michieux via Facebook

    Not again! I haven't finished the laundry yet!

  • http://www.pointsincase.com/columns/andrei-trostel/idea-apocalypse-has-never-been-so-wrong chiangshih
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