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Reports of child abuse dampen rejoicing over return of Anglican Zimbabwe property

Reports of child abuse dampen rejoicing over return of Anglican Zimbabwe property

The rejoicing over the judge’s recent ruling for Kunonga and his followers to return all property and assets back to the Anglican Church quickly changed after various staff returned to the Shearly Cripps Children’s home.  Apparently, the excommunicated renegade bishop Kunonga and his followers did more than just evict and, in some cases, murder Anglican Church members when he seized various Anglican properties due to his differences with the church's stance on homosexuality.

After the judge ordered Anglican staff back to their various organizations on October 15, they found that Kunonga and his follows not only seized the Anglican orphanage, but also apparently abused and neglected the children at the home.  According to the Episcopal News Service, the staff returned to find that Kunonga and his followers subjected the children to various horrors, such as harmful substances.

Reports allege that the children at the Shearly Cripps Children's Home appeared under-fed, mistreated, and a subjected to various forms of threats under the supervision of Kunonga and his followers.

"It has been brought to the attention of the Anglican Diocese of Harare [Church of the Province of Central Africa] that orphaned children at Shearly Cripps are being ill-treated, under-fed and have become exposed to all forms of threats," said a spokesperson for the diocese. "Reports indicate that one child allegedly drank a harmful substance and was rushed to hospital for urgent medical attention."

The children’s home is an Anglican orphanage that cares for more than 100 children.  Kunonga and his followers took over the orphanage with a writ of ejectment from the registrar of the high court.  This same high court reversed the ejectment and ordered the Anglican staff back to their appointed positions, which included legitimate nurses, teachers, and office staff at the orphanage, telling Kunonga and his people not to interfere with them.

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  • Child abuse must really be prevented as early as possible. Children who are abused have difficulty in coping with their lives because they are not just hurt physically but emotionally as well.

    • I agree, but this dude who seized the Anglican property after forming his own group is one sick man. If you read the stories related to this one, he and his followers were killing people for refusing to denounce the Anglican Church. Well, when he seized the land, the through out all the Anglicans, if the didn't kill them and took over everything, including the orphanage, so it was not exactly preventable. You cannot prevent something that is taken by force, esp when the one taking it is using violence to get it.

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