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American Family Association's Bryan Fischer:  Jesus used more inflammatory language than I have ever used

American Family Association's Bryan Fischer: Jesus used more inflammatory language than I have ever used

Bryan Fischer talks about Mitt Romney"Jesus used more incendiary and inflammatory language than I have ever used," the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer remarked yesterday on his Focal Point program on American Family Radio.

Fischer repeatedly demonizes Muslims, gays, Native Americans, secularists and others who do not fit his brand of Christianity, as chronicled by the People for the American Way.  In fact, his remarks have been so inflammatory that last February, the American Family Association removed one of his videos from YouTube and Fischer himself removed his blog entry after public outcry when he said that God vomited Native Americans from the land because they were abominations and replaced them with Christians as stewards of the land (read the transcript that we typed up before the video was removed).

Fischer received mainstream media attention at this weekend's Values Voters Summit when Mitt Romney mentioned in his speech that conservatives should be civil and refrain from poisonous language.

Right Wing Watch, the blog for the People for the American Way,  transcribed Romney's remarks and also video taped them:

Our values ennoble the citizen, and they strengthen the nation. We should remember that decency and civility are values too. One of the speakers who will follow me today, has crossed that line I think. Poisonous language does not advance our cause. It has never softened a single heart nor changed a single mind. The blessings of faith carry the responsibility of civil and respectful debate. The task before us is to focus on the conservative beliefs and the values that unite us – let no agenda, narrow our vision or drive us apart.

Fischer, who delivered his talk right after Romney, had been saying on his radio show that the First Amendment does not apply to Mormons because if it did, they would still be allowed to practice polygamy.  Earlier, however, he said that Mitt Romney was "not Mormon enough" because of the Mormon religion's pro-family stances.

"Jesus referred to the Pharisees as a brood of vipers," Fischer explained to his audience yesterday.  "I've never said that about anyone." While Fischer might not have called anyone a viper or snake, he did say that African Americans "rut like rabbits" in order to receive government welfare.

According to Fischer, Romney's remarks were odd and bizarre, and that he was goaded by the left to do so. "What he did was completely and utterly lacking in class," he said. "It was tacky. It was impolite. It was rude. He insulted his host in the presence of the guests…the host that had made it possible for him to speak before the pro-family community."

"How decent and civil is it to insult your host in the presence of its guests?" Fischer argued, saying that he was beseiged by the media because Mitt Romney "attacked" him.

"If speaking the truth about Mormonism is poisonous, then Mitt Romney has a problem with the truth," Fischer said.

As to media queries as to whether he thought Mormonism is a cult, Fischer said he repeatedly told journalists that Mormonism is outside of the mainstream of Christian orthodoxy and avoided the "c" word. "It's just like what Jesus ran into, when the Pharisees kept trying to catch him — trap him in something that He might say … They were trying to trap me into using the "c" word and I was not going to give them the satisfaction." Fischer went on reiterate his view that Mitt Romney is not Mormon enough, citing positive experiences he had when working with Mormons  in Idaho to rally against abortion and same sex marriage.

According to Fischer, Romney is not Mormon enough because he"imposed" same sex marriage on Massachusetts and made abortions readily available for just $50. According to Fischer, same sex marriage is still against the law in Massachusetts and that Romney forced clerks to commit criminal acts by issuing same sex marriage licenses.

In Fischer's view, Romney was "trying to take him out" because of Romney's "executive activism."

Fischer frequently speaks at events for the political right and hosts numerous conservative candidates and elected officials on his program.

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    Bryan Fischer: taking hypocrisy to the next level.

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