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UFO over Sandusky, Ohio?

UFO over Sandusky, Ohio?

The event lasted for four seconds, and no one had a camera– but there it was–an object over Sandusky, Ohio moved slowly in the night sky.  The Sandusky Register reports:

Robert Lowery, a clerk at the 7-11 store on Camp Street, said he was lugging a pile of cardboard boxes to the Dumpster when a bright object in the sky caught his attention.

“It was about the size of a dinner plate,” Lowery said. “You could see the heat coming off it.”

At the same time, about two blocks down Camp Street, Montee Prieur and Daniel Harpst were shooting the breeze next to the Camp Street Bar.

“I looked up and this huge fireball went right over us,” Harpst said. “It was on fire and had a long streaming tail … I yelled at my buddy Montee who was sitting right next to me, ‘Hey man, check that out.’”

Prieur said he looked up in time to see it.

From their vantage point, the great ball of fire raced overhead for brief seconds before dropping out of sight.

“All I can tell you is it was a UFO,” Prieur said. “I’ve only seen one other thing like it, and that was up in Michigan.”

It’s anyone’s guess how many people saw the mysterious object.

And it's anyone's guess if it was a real UFO or not.

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