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Giant crosses in Tennessee and in US "inspires" others to reconnect to Christ

Giant crosses in Tennessee and in US "inspires" others to reconnect to Christ

Along I-40 near Cookville, TN, a giant cross dominates the highway.  At 110 feet high, it's difficult to miss, and The River Community Church likes it that way.  According to their site:

So, what's up with the giant cross?

The cross on our property sits 110' tall adjacent to I-40. The River erected the cross on our own property as a testimony to God's faithfulness to us as a church. Through God's provision we were given the land on which the cross and our ministry center are located. Again thanks to His faithfulness we were also able to construct our ministry center debt-free.

We erected the cross as a modern-day "Ebenezer" to celebrate His faithfulness and amazing love for us, and to give thanks to the Lord. In the Old Testament it was common for God's people to erect an "Ebenezer" (a monument or structure to celebrate what God did in a specific instance) to testify to what God had done. The cross is part of our testimony and our story of what God has done, and is doing in our midst. Since construction we've heard many stories from folks in the area, and even passing by on the interstate, sharing how the cross has impacted, inspired, encouraged, and led them to connect or re-connect with Jesus Christ.

The giant cross at Cookeville eclipses another Tennessee giant cross by ten feet–this one in LaFollette, TN along I-75.  It is probably not a coincidence that this cross is across from the local porn shop.

A site called Brandon's Notepad chronicles the giant crosses of the USA:

Crosses of the U.S.A.

St. Augustine, FL. Erected 1966. 208 feet tall. Commissioned by Catholic Archbishop Joseph P. Hurley and is part of the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche.

Effingham, Illinois. Erected July 2001. 198 feet tall. Surrounded by monuments dedicated to the Ten Commandments. The Cross Foundation was founded by John H. Schultz of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Parish to build and maintain the giant cross as well as do other charitable acts.

Groom, TX. Erected in July 1995. 190 feet tall. Surrounded by lifesize Stations of the Cross. Official site. Commissioned by Steve Thomas, devout Catholic who reportedly got tired of adult-oriented billboards along the highway and decided to make a bigger statement. His son is former Miami Dolphin, Zack Thomas.

James Potter’s Crosses. James Potter of Oneida, TN has built a series of tall crosses in Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina & Virginia. One near Knoxville is reportedly 110 feet tall and another in Caryville is 101.5 feet tall. The one in Loudon County, TN (100 feet; erected 2002) is on the property owned by New Providence Baptist Church. Victory Baptist Church has a 100 foot Potter cross, erected in 2005. As of January 2008, he is looking to build one in Knox County. Plans for the cross in Richmond, IN (New Creations Chapel, Inc.) were supplied by Potter.

There are similar crosses in Sugarlimb & La Follette, TN that may be Potter crosses as well.

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  • This cross can help people to realize and see God is always at their side. Thanks for founding Jesus in your neighborhood.

  • Richard

    I'm beginning to see where the term "Dominion Christian" comes from. These exagerated crosses certainly do dominate the landscape and the neighborhoods in which they are erected.

    To me, frankly, they are attempting to dominate the public square instead of simply meeting and worshipping their God in their church. America is a pluralistic secular nation in which all religions may flourish but none dominate. There is a touch of Christian Supremacy in these crosses.

  • jack

    a beautiful site to see at night..

  • Won Word

    Duh. A cross is Xian Porn. Gotta play both sides of the street. Or something.

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