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Interview with Multidimensional Healer Lori Camacho

Interview with Multidimensional Healer Lori Camacho

When I found Lori, I knew without a doubt she was different – she is the real deal – an extrordinarily gifted teacher and healer.  I am currently in a 13  month long clairvoyant certification course with her, and if you think it's easy – think again.  In order to become a good psychic, clairvoyant, medium or healer, you must first clean out your own s***  – and trust me – it's NOT easy. 

I asked Lori if she would be open to doing an interview so I could share, in part, her and her amazing work with God Discussion readers.  I'm delighted that she said yes.   So, here it is.

GD: When did you discover you were interested in metaphysics?

Lori:  When I was 12. Before that, I didn’t understand that metaphysics was a subject. I thought everyone communicated with spirits and felt others emotions. By the time I was 12, I finally understood that not everyone did this and decided to get my hands on any book I could find in my school library. I would ditch school to stay home and read these books. At first they were fiction books that I found and deciphered truth in. Then I began to look in bigger book stores for books that were written about metaphysics as a real experience.

GD: What has been your scariest experience?

Lori:  I’ve had a few of those. Probably the year I turned 26. At the time I didn’t recognize that my childhood gifts were resurfacing and trying to open. There were spirits everywhere it seemed, particularly in my house. I also vocal channeled spontaneously for the first time in my apartment with a friend. I didn’t even know the term channeling at the time. A guide named Peter came through me for 2 hours and proceeded to speak about the next 4 years of my life. At the time it was scary but all he said came to pass. I understood that I needed that experience at the time to believe in myself and gain life experiences with spirit phenomena as an adult. Before that year, most of my profound spiritual experiences were in childhood.

GD:  What has been your most spiritual experience?

Lori:  My most spiritual experience was finally integrating all my phenomena into a usable life changing pattern. I would say it was my interpersonal discoveries through the avenue of channeling that brought my life together. So, learning to channel Raina was my most spiritual experience. It taught me where my dark parts got in the way of my gift and how to cleanse those and make way for the divine to move through me without obstructions from me emotionally and mentally. The first time she came through me in a full trance it was pure bliss and love.

GD:  What are your specific spiritual gifts?

Lori:  I’ve always had clairvoyant and Medium abilities. Those appeared as a child. As I became aware of myself and my own healing, both Vocal Trance Channeling and Vibrational Healing developed. I call those last two my healing gifts. I feel I have an advantage of using all of these and being able to utilize them when the situation calls for it. I used to try to create a nitch for myself and wondered why other practitioners had a specialty. I finally realized that my specialty was being a Multidimensional Healer with more than one facet to my gift.

GD:  When did you know that you wanted to make a career out of teaching others about metaphysics?

Lori:  When I was 26. I remember saying to myself: “When I figure all of this out, I’m going to create a school so that other people will have a place to go to figure it out.” I felt at a loss as what and where teachers were. I was so confused about how to develop this and handle my own healing. At the time it was just a thought. About 5 years ago during my channeling training, Raina began to speak to me about teaching. I had already started my first psychic development class but was still resistant to the idea of teaching. I was comfortable with a weekly come as you want class, but the responsibility of making it more than that was tough to swallow. I followed my intuition and it’s now developed into a three part program. I teach a Clairvoyant, Channeling and Vibrational Healing Program. I love teaching more than anything else I do. Watching my students grow, heal and discover their abilities is really rewarding.

GD:  You call yourself a multidimensional healer. What does that mean?

Lori:  We live in a multidimensional universe. This became very clear once my channeling developed. What we think we have or are, is so very layered in the spirit world. I found it limiting to only be a clairvoyant or only a healer for my clients and students. I wanted to use all my gifts when they are appropriate. My channeling also comes into almost everything I do. What Raina sees is in that vast multidimensional universe. I’m not always aware of her work but feel the layered healing that occurs. So I started calling myself a multidimensional healer. Depending on where a person is in their process I will use one or all of my abilities. Someone new or unfamiliar with metaphysics may find channeling very off-putting, so a clairvoyant reading is more appropriate for them etc.

GD:  What has been the most challenging part of beginning a business in this field?

Lori:  Probably knowing that my personal challenges and work will never be done. The more you help others, the more you must help yourself. I don’t get to take a break from processing or examining myself. I receive the lesson just as much as the student or client does. Sometimes they are teaching me something as well. If you do not aspire to become more conscious of yourself, put your ego away at every turn and heal deeply then this work will never go anywhere. We are all students on this earth. I’ve made mistakes early on in my career out of ignorance to my own process. I know that now and continuously work on myself.

GD:  What would you most like readers to know about you?

Lori:  I am a very normal everyday person, with the same challenges of life that you have. I am not special because I do this work. I happen to love it and was meant to do it but I do not fly around on a broomstick or chant all day. I have a loving husband, two beautiful stepdaughters and a very normal life in that way. I also would like readers to know that we do not walk around looking into everyone’s issues all the time. When I walk away from my appointments, that is put away and I become a wife and step mom. It takes a focus and energy to go into a person. Personal and professional boundaries are necessary to do this effectively. When I’m at the grocery store, I am not seeing anything more than you are.

GD:  What would you most like readers to understand about themselves?

Lori:  That they are capable of developing themselves spiritually. Again, it’s not just for special people. Each of us has a purpose and came from the spirit world Remember that this is just temporary. Whatever your purpose is, developing spiritually will help you to create your purpose and fulfill your soul’s work here on earth. Your limitations are only temporary too. They are there for you to work through and then create a new life on the other side. Physical life is a continuous cycle of rebirth. Know that your deepest desires can be achieved.

GD:   Do you have anything else you would like to share with readers, especially those who might be skeptical about your work?

Lori:  Initial skepticism is healthy and even necessary until a person develops a sense of discernment with spiritual experiences. Not all spiritual teachers or psychics are created equal. Like anything else, there are good ones and not so good ones. The work will speak for itself as long as you are open and listening to your own intuition. Be careful not to be cynical though. A cynic will shut themselves off to prove their point and won’t be able to receive a subjective experience. Judge for yourselves but remain open to changing your mind and your heart.

I'd like to thank Lori so much for opening up to me and God Discussion and I hope that the information she has shared will help answer some reader's questions about the world of metaphysics.  For more information about Lori and her work please feel free to visit her website


About Sheri Lawson

Sheri is the author of The Spell of Religion and the Battle Over Gay Marriage. She and her husband, Steve, have a keen interest in spirituality and metaphysics. As she longed for a deeper understanding of the pathway to God, one that taught more than the simple concept “Be good in this life and you will be rewarded in the next,” Sheri was drawn to the metaphysical world, a world untainted by the personal agendas of man through dogma.
  • Its great to know that you want to share your talent to everyone. Not so many people are like you and if there's someone that also has your talent I'm sure that you can help them out to reach their full potential.

  • Thank you for taking the time to comment Julie. Although people have been studying metaphysics for centuries, still few people accept it as something real and worthy of further study.

  • I really enjoyed Lori's thoughts on meta physics. I hope you keep doing more interviews like these.

  • Thanks BCIT, I appreciatea your feedback and I will try to do more.

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