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Continuing Coverage: Live feed of Sept 17 "Day of Rage" Wall Street protests –police surrounding crowd with barricades, no major coverage on MSM

Continuing Coverage: Live feed of Sept 17 "Day of Rage" Wall Street protests –police surrounding crowd with barricades, no major coverage on MSM

Editor's Note – This story is ongoing. See our continuing live coverage.

Good morning!  As of 10:00 am CDT there are reports now that the major media outlets are starting to cover this event.    The New York Post is treating it as a non event, saying only 300 people showed up, "mostly aging hippies and college kids."  (Our sources who are there indicated that there were at least 1,000 people there).  We'd love to know how you're doing out there, so drop us a line!

As of 11:20 pm CDT, it is looking like police will allow people to sleep in the park tonight, and it also looks as if the NYPD has cut power to the plaza where the protesters are. Crooks and Liars has put up a series of updates titled "This is not a one day demonstration, we're not leaving."

As of 7:50 pm CDT, the news outlets that are reporting this are saying there were only 700 people in attendance at the protest, while the Boston Globe reports 1,000 were in attendance.  Attempts to find a true number in attendance have been unsuccessful here and it can be said that even the news outlets that are reporting truthfully don't know how many people are there.  If anyone in NYC knows how many people are there, feel free to post a comment telling us.

Police are cutting the chains of bikes chained around the plaza, and protesters are being told they will not be allowed to sleep on Wall Street. 

As of 5:45 CDT, the major networks are still not carrying any major coverage of the Day of Rage.   CNN has it so small on the left hand corner of the page that if you weren't looking for it you'd miss it.  The protesters' aims, according to Twitter, are to protest corporate takeover of the government, demanding financial responsibility and an end to immoral wars.

UPDATE 4:45 CDT:  Day of Rage website is reporting the police are asking for reinforcements, and Code Pink says obvious protesters with tents are being stopped.  There is a rumor that 4 peaceful demonstrators were roughed up, 2 arrested and 2 released for chanting "pay your taxes" outside Bank of America.  Reports are coming in that police are intimidating people with searches.  Conservative tweets are now coming in, stating that the only thing Barack Obama will take  on Wall Street is to host another fundraiser and spreading rumors that ACORN and SEIU are behind the demonstration.

UPDATE: 3:50pm CDT:  Protesters are reporting via Twitter that there is almost zero media coverage other than Al-Jazeera of this event.  There are now reports via the same medium that are giving headcounts of 50,000 people. THere are Twitter rumors that the event is being blacked out by CNN and other media outlets.


UPDATE: 3:32 CDT: The New York times reports: 

As it turned out, the demonstrators found much of their target off limits on Saturday as the city shut down sections of Wall Street near the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall well before their arrival.

By 10:00 a.m., metal barricades manned by uniformed police officers ringed the blocks of Wall Street between Broadway and William Street to the east."

UPDATE: The conservative website Town Hall is sarcastically writing that the protesters are echoing the Tea Party, calling them "ignorant, and anti-capitalist."   Town Hall cattily says:

There may be some truth to the notion that corporations, businesses, and big monied interests are allowed too large a hand in influencing the direction of our republic, but the corporations are not the problem. The problem is that the government envisioned by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution has been slowly perverted into a massive, sprawling, untameable bureaucracy that unabashedly encourages, as I mentioned in an earlier post, rent-seeking. The antidote for crony capitalism, tax loopholes, et al is not to increase the power of the government to regulate them, but to get rid of big government. Which, funnily enough, is what the Tea Party has been advocating all along. From the IBTimes:

As the protesters call for President Barack Obama to establish a commission to end "the influence money has over our representatives in Washington," it will be interesting to see whether New York will succeed in transforming Lower Manhattan into an "American Tahrir Square."

Occupy Wall Street, a leaderless resistance movement, was published by activist magazine Adbusters on July 13, and since then people from groups such as NYC General Assembly and US Day of Rage have participated to organize the event. "The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%," says the event's official website. …

While deemed as a mass movement against corporate dominance, the organizers' plan for Occupy Wall Street is to crowdsource the decision of what to demand through discussion.

"More than having any specific demand, per se, I think the purpose of September 17th, for many of us who are helping to organize it and people who are coming out, is to begin a conversation, as citizens, as people affected by this financial system in collapse, as to how we're going to fix it, as to what we're going to do in order to make it work for us again," said an organizer Justin Wedes.

Did none of these enlightened Day of Rage organizers happen to notice that Jeff Immelt, the CEO of GE, was an honored guest of President Obama's at his 'jobs' speech to the joint session of Congress? I mean, come on! It's like they're not even trying to hide how easy it is to get in bed with the administration. And if these protesters really hate corporations, I cannot even conceive of how labor unions are avoiding their ire.

We at GodDiscussion are following a live feed and reporting to you as the news happens. According to protesters who are at Wall Street, there is a "high, high" police presence, with police increasing "sevenfold" in the last hour, with at least 3 vans of police and NYPD motorcycles.   Cries of "we the people not we the banks!" are echoing from the crowd.  GlobalRevolution has got the protest streaming live (Editor's update – see our updated news page with continuing live coverage, with the feed and chats).

The live chat is going a mile a minute, with people writing everything from "Down with capitalism" to "socialism rules!"   The "Day of Rage" is going full steam ahead, and as we reported yesterday, the protest could go for months as the protesters have planned:

The Day of Rage is protesting the influence of special interests and corruption that threaten a democratic form of government.  On its website,it explains:

We have had enough.

Legitimate government is born of the self-interest and will of the people expressed by its citizens in free and fair elections. It does not spring from a tyranny of special interests, patronage, or a system or ideology that runs counter to the aims of life.

The institutions of government were designed to protect the principles of our democratic republic and to serve the will of citizens.

Corporations, even those owned by foreign shareholders, use money to act as the voices of millions, while individual citizens, the legitimate voters, are silenced and demoralized by the farce.

Free and fair elections inspire good citizenship and public service, because they engage the intelligence and genuine good will of the American people.

The occupation of Wall Street began at noon today. Countries from all over the world are showing their support on the live chat, from Russia to New Zealand.  Clearly, people who are there are outraged at Wall Street and the special interests that influence the government.  At the present time, it is not clear how many people are there; it seems like thousands.  The feed does skip, so be patient with it.

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  • Free and fair elections inspire good citizenship and public service, because they engage the intelligence and genuine good will of the American people.

  • Rob

    And when "big gubmint" is out of the way, what stops the big corporations from rape and plunder?

    Some folk are so stu….They hold to a dogma that states all men are sinners, yet ascribe to corporations the ability to govern themselves!? Sounds like a lot of the tea partiers have been dipped in too many cups of boiling water.

  • Why isn't the media covering this? I really love the chant "We got sold out! They got bailed out!" They are right. Our government doesn't care about us and as Bernie Sanders said the other day, "Poverty is a death sentence." Which means people are going to die and the more people who die, eventually whatever we die of, the rich will die out and it will be a slow extinction of the human race if things do not change economically, medically, environmentally, educationally, etc. Then it won't matter if they take the wolves, lions, bears, etc off the endangered species list.

    I can't even find it on CNN

    • Shagbob

      I'm lovin it! No networks should cover you idiots! You are truly a pitiful bunch of morons.

      • mom

        When they put corporations in prison and execute a few for ther crimes, then they can be people and particpate in running this country. At 60, being disabled by the steel mills during their hey day of using and abusing workers like tampons, if I had the money I would be there in a heartbeat. Bless these people who have the cajones to speak out instead of cower behind a computer hoping that some rich guy will that care of them when the crash comes.

    • tom

      Not people, just americans. The USA influence will degrade, the rest of the world will do just fine. Shame to see you go, you did a lot of good in the world.

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  • One tweet said 50000 people.

    • I saw those tweets too, and tend to believe them since they are actually there. Main media is either not reporting it, or trying to downplay how many people are there. Sad.

      • This censorship of or by the media is disturbing. Is this the U.S.A.? I don't know anymore.

        • It's incredible, isn't it? If this were a Tea Party rally with 100 people it would be pasted all over the news. Guess we know which side the MSM works for, eh?

          • I guess we do. Seems a shame that the Reich gets more attention with their measly 100 people and 50000 get none. I thought majority ruled, but I guess not.

  • I am in contact with people who are in vicinity. There have been in neighborhood of 1000 people, nowhere near 50,000. Police are surrounding the area and scanner talk is that they will be taking the protest down and will not allow a camp out.

    • I guess things changed a bit since you posted and they will be sleeping in the park. Thanx for info!

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  • Just before 10:30 CDT they lost contact with their crew on live stream.

  • I believe there has been no movement by police as yet

  • Tweets are saying that in NYC that the electricity and cell towers around that area have been shut down. If true this is insane.

  • Supposedly they get to sleep in the park, so I guess that means someone manage to make contact with one or more at the protest.

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  • What I want to know is, if all those police officers are watching protesters, who's looking out for the safety of NYC and catching the real bad guys? Seems to me having so many officers watching non-violent and peaceful protesters is a waste of our tax dollars, while the bad dudes are robbing, stealing, raping, pillaging, selling crack or meth, and whatever else truly bad people do.

    • Shagbob

      The NYC police ARE watching the right people–you lamebrains! They must ensure the safety of the citizens of NYC and protect them from the mentally disturbed and dangerous lunatics doing the protesting.
      I'm so proud of the MSM for ignoring you bunch of idiots. You are a lost group of humanity with no agenda, plan or reason for breathing MY AIR.

      • The protesters are non-violent. They are the criminals nor are they harming anyone, so the police are watching the wrong people. Meanwhile, some dude is turning over a NYC Walmart!

        I wish, no not really, but the thing is, these people are not breaking any laws and it is a waste of tax payers dollars for the police to babysit them. They should be watching to makes sure no one does knock over Walmart, even if it would be sort of funny.

    • ThugginWhileTheCopsAreBusy

      Damn, that's a great idea. I should hurry on into the city while all the police are busy chasing their tails over real Americans. Good time to get me that TV I always wanted anyone else need to add to the "list", we'll pick it up for you. 😉

      • See what I mean? Humm… since we are looting… let's see… What do I want? Surprise me, Thug. 😆

  • They are being allowed to stay over the weekend because the the owner of Zuccotti Park is allowing it. But he wants them out after the weekend.

  • Sounds like nobody here was actually there and believed everything from tweets which are just as subjective as main stream media.

    • No, I was actually watching video that was streamed lived and there were a LOT of police officers in a line.

    • I was talking with people who were there who said there were no more than 1000. And there were a lot of police as Mriana says.

      We have also been in communication with community affairs who passed on the info that they can stay over the weekend.

      I should have a further report soon.

      • Thanks for the updates, Katie!


  • Christopher A. Brown

    Article v of the US constitution will do what the protestors needs done. Their speech has no meaning because of corporate media. Revise the fist amendment to assure that vital speech will have its needed meaning.


    From understanding can come; forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, respect, trust, friendship and love, protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  • Ok, there are between 300-400 people there right now and still a lot of cops. They are trying to talk to the cops-they would like the cops to come speak to the whole group and the cops want to speak to a delegation. So that sounds like that is not going over well.

    The cops want to tell them that they have to get out by this evening. Community Affairs is saying that they will be moved out if they do not leave by this evening. They are saying they intend to stay. Apparently no one filed for any permits, which is how they came to be in the location they are to begin with.

    There are all manner of groups down there, with a lot of different foci so they are having discussion with each other as to best approach.

  • They are holding periodic general assemblies, but it doesn't sound like they are coming to any agreements.

    Mayor Bloomberg has sort of been leaning over backward to allow it to go on, but right now, because they have no permit to assemble, they are there illegally. Some are also wearing masks, which is not allowed for more than two people congregating together, according to the mask law. They also have bull horns and vuvuzuelas that are not allowed. So really, the police have extended a lot to let it go on. The folks are very peaceful and Bloomberg doesn't want to have anything bad go down.

    They have been given till 9 tonight to leave.

    • Good info, Katie! Many thanks.

      • NP, it's in my bailiwick. 🙂

    • The question is will they leave or will they stay? Will they be back tomorrow if they leave? I really would like to see them succeed in occupying Wallstreet. That would say a lot if they did succeed.

  • Tamara

    I have to share this link with so many people who are angry, disillusioned and looking for answers as I found this this morning and it looks like a strong opportunity to make a real difference and we have to get large numbers of people behind it which will only happen with a large audience, like this one!! WOW!!! What an amazing story and a fantastic idea. I can't think of anyone I know politically that would not agree with this type of tax or the benefits thereof, not a single soul, unless of course someone where to try to twist it to benefit only one group of people, which I don't believe can be done. In my opinion this is a must read article for anyone that is concerned about our fiscal health and the economic future of America! If we can set aside any contempt prior to investigation and read this with a thought to wanting to understand it versus looking for a fault (critical thinking is necessary of course but best applied after a full understanding of what is being proposed!) we may actually see something here that we can all rally behind! If this impacts you as strongly as it has me then please share it with as many people as you can, we need solutions and this is a wonderful time to get the word out about any real resolutions to our national (perhaps even global) economic situation.

    • mom

      I just read through the article and have some disagreements with it. A steep progressive consumption tax would not help as much as he proposes. Some of the cheapest people I know are very wealthy. They invest and hang on to every dime until it screams. They have managed to amass an incredible amount of the nation's wealth and believe it is their right. There really is only a certain amount available resources, it s necessary to keep it flowing to keep it from becoming stagnant and polluted.

  • They are marching down to Wallstreet, but every street is blocked. I'm waiting for a mass onslaught jumping over of the barricades. I know someone is going to start it eventually. Most of the day has been boring, watching it that is. It would seem like something would pick up with this mess.

  • They took the tents! Yeah! I know it has to be very cold in NYC and with how they are made, they'd make warm "blankets".

    I have a story to write, but I've been watching this again most of today. It's started to get good again. 😆

  • 1.3 million people have tweeted #occupywallstreet in the last 48 hours. It looks like the barricade is down and a large group has made it onto Wallstreet! Nearly midnight in NYC. No, the barricade is still there. Not sure what is happening but something is going down at this moment. Whatever group it is, they have candles. They just said, "Candles of freedom out" and blew out their candles.

    Someone said to the camera, like the Revolution in France, they are storming it right now. Haven't seen it yet though.

    Their batteries ran down, but will be back as fast as they can. Not sure what is going to happen but a large group is sitting at a barrier with their candles lit and telling their family's stories.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrRsKMDWb8o

    They did not move them out. Yup, they did move onto Wall Street as you can see here in this youtube. This is from about 90 minutes or so ago.

    • About 70 or so made it on to Wall Street, and the rest are still in the park. They had to go through two check points in order to enter onto Wall Street.

      • How did only 70 make it through? This is ridiculous that they have check points and all.

        • Well, they have some concerns about safety. Remember, this is a spit's throw away from Ground Zero; police take no chances any more. While most of the folks are peaceful, 5 people have been arrested, two for trying to break into the Bank of America.

          • Like I said… However, they were kind of dumb to take the bank that's right there. 🙄 However, it would still be wrong no matter where they did it, but breaking into that particular one was just plain dumb, because the police are right there!

            • The other arrests are for, variously, jumping a barrier and resisting arrest, and being in violation of the mask law.

              There are around 200 still in the area, more have made it onto Wall Street, others are still holding down the park as they are concerned if they leave that position, they may be barricaded from getting back into it.

    • Who are the suits following them around? Are they working for Wall Street and happen to get caught in the middle of take over? Ironically, I'd like to see more people, who are able to, get down there and join them.

  • Strangely, police have been saying that the owner of Zuccotti Park gave permission for them to stay over the weekend. But just found out that that is not the case, that the owners actually had no knowledge of what was going on.


  • We are estimating about 70 or so people made it out of the park and onto Wall Street, everyone else is still in the park.

    It's a public street so they look like people who would work in the area. But I imagine there are also plainclothes police there as well.

    Roseanne Barr was there, I think yesterday:

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