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Religious News Verses:  Religion, Politics and the Cross

Religious News Verses: Religion, Politics and the Cross

newsThe Los Angeles Times reports that evangelical pastors are getting more involved in politics than ever before, preaching from the pulpit and organizing their flocks for voting.  Frightened by gay rights and a troublesome economy, writers Tom Hamburger and Matea Gold note that these religious leaders feel that they must mix politics and religion "to restore America to its Christian roots," even if it means parishioners leave their congregations.

Although the religious right is coalescing for the 2012 elections, disagreement is surfacing within conservative Christian ranks.

The disagreements have to do with Christian Reconstructionist and 7 Mountains New Apostolic Reformation theology — generally lumped together by journalists as "Christian dominionism."  The People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch reports that conservative Christians are wary of the rise of dominionism and in particular, the 7 Mountains theology, citing a Sept. 8 broadcast by Janet Mefferd, a leading Christian conservative radio talk show host.  She and her guest,  Christian apologist, Robert Bowman of the Institute for Religious Research expressed concerns that,

[M]any in the Religious Right have embraced dominion theology even if they don’t refer to themselves as dominionists and …  “longtime, reputable evangelical leaders” have joined forces with avowed dominionists because of their shared panic that they are losing the fight on social issues like marriage and abortion.

Right Wing Watch also reports that the Christian Reconstructionists are warning about "the tyrannical 7 Mountains theology."

Meanwhile anti-Islam, anti-gay and anti-choice pastor Michael Youssef of Leading the Way ministries, boils theology to one thing, the cross.  According to Youssef, the cross is what saves America.  Youssef was one of the few religious right leaders who supported New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's decision not to have clergy at the 9/11 commemoration, thus sparing Christians from having to participate in interfaith dialogue.  He warned,

Sadly, America is committing the same abomination of syncretism – mixing the God of the Founding Fathers with all those other “non–God”-gods. Could judgment be around the corner? We will wait and see.

Advertising his latest book, Youssef explained how America's future will be doomed without the cross:

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  • OK this is giving me a headache. I under what the Cordorba house on ground zero means, but how many Xians wanted to put crosses there too? Same thing. Thus my headache. It's all the same. Different people, different religion, but the same song and dance.

    • Exactly.

      • Oh my head was hurting. That was suppose to be "understand" not "under". Religion just makes me sick.

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