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God's latest prophet to deliver the "New Message" September 8 through 11

God's latest prophet to deliver the "New Message" September 8 through 11

Marshall Vian Summers

Marshall Vian Summers - From http://newmessage.org/the-messenger/who-is-marshall-summers.php

God has a new prophet, according to Marshall Vian Summers who is, of course, God's new prophet.  According to the Colorado religious leader, the last prophet that God sent to earth was Muhammad.

For four days, Summers' followers will gather in Estes Park, Colorado, for an "encampment" to explore the over 8,000 pages of revelations that Summers has recorded over the past 20-plus years.  On September 11, a special message will be broadcast live on the Internet.

For a $600 tuition fee, people attending the 4-day "2011 Encampment" will learn about the "five pillars" of being a student of the new message from God:

  1.  Studying the extensive texts and spiritual practices contained in the New Message from God;
  2. Advocating for a unified world response to climate change, depletion of the Earth's resources and the oppression of women and the poor;
  3. Spreading the New Message from God to others;
  4. Tithing to the Society for the New Message from God; and
  5. Recognizing that Marshall Vian Summers is God's messenger.

Summers' press release declares that for his students, "the annual Encampment is the equivalent of the Islamic Hajj, except that at this historic gathering God's Messenger will actually be present."  He says that his "revelations" are not based on Christian or Muslim traditions,but his revelations do state that Muhammad was the last messenger sent from God, and that God has chosen to send a new messenger to deliver further revelation to humanity.

Summers writes on his website that he wandered the American wildernesses for years, giving up a teaching career, in preparation for his role as God's only messenger.  When he was 33, he was met by "the Unseen Ones" and an Angelic Presence who guided him throughout the years.  He writes,

Though he has carried the weight and responsibility of this new Revelation for many years, Marshall Vian Summers has maintained his humility and humanity throughout his long and inexplicable journey of bringing a new message from God into the world. No messenger has ever been able to do this alone. Thus, a mysterious sequence of events led people to him. The first to find and join him was his wife, who has supported him since 1983 and has made her own sacrifices to ensure that the New Message could be delivered. Over the years, a small group of individuals, one by one, followed a calling which ultimately led them to take up their position to support this great work. He also has been blessed with a son, who has now chosen to join him in his mission.

Now, after years of working quietly without worldly recognition, the time has come for him and those called to help him to bring the gift of the New Message to humanity at this time of great change and uncertainty.

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  • Great article!! New prophets coming out of the woodwork lately..

    • I find it ironic that "students" pay a $600 tuition to learn that they must tithe to this guy's society. It's kind of like paying to watch advertisements.

      When I first read this guy's stuff (well,skimmed it), he seemed sort of humanistic and new agey, talking about a peaceful, "the truth is within" message. But it looks like he is taking the path of the cult leaders before him, elevating his message, demanding that he be viewed as a divine messenger, and asking for tithes.


  • Kivahut

    I live only 24 miles from Estes. I'm going to challenge him to a walk on Lake Estes! Now, I have something to do this weekend.

  • You have to be pretty desperate for having a reason to live that you would believe someone like this and PAY them, but I guess most church going folks probably average $600 a year given to their church…

  • 'Sworth

    I was there. It was an awesome event.

    The $600 was about the lodging at the Y, which was gorgeous and comfortable, and the food, which was crap. It was well worth the cost: fellowship, resonance, revelation and initiation.

    Summers himself is not setting himself up as a guru or a messiah. He's a humble man and makes no claim other than being the recipient of God's message for this time.

    The tithing is to support a financial model where many teachings are shared at no cost, in video or ebook or audio form, and live events and books are priced to cover a part of the costs of those productions. The tithing is to allow the running of a global outreach and education mission.

    By the way, the New Message from God itself is worth looking into. Today I heard a man say, and I agree, that if you look at it objectively and honestly, you'll see that it's the truth you're looking for.

  • I, too, attended the Encampment. Well worth the money spent to bunk at the Barcley House at the YMCA in the Rocky Mountains. It was a beautiful setting.

    About the food – well, it could have been better. And, I'm being kind… 🙂

    However, the New Message from God is unlike any other I have explored in my 52 years here on earth.

    I have always been drawn to a spiritual life but could never "give" myself to the teaching whole heartedly due to reservations regarding the role of women or some other exclusionary type of belief.

    This teaching is complete, without exclusion or contradictions. It speaks with purity and compassion. Worth exploring further.

  • robert2011

    I was also there and it was incredible! The sincerity and genuine fellowship among all attendees was amazing. Marshall is indeed the Messenger of God and until you investigate this great Revelation and its Messenger, you will not know the truth and certainly cannot, in good conscience, speak with any authority about this.

    • I have to admit, I liked a lot of what he had to say in the material published on his website, but the "God's prophet" thing turned me off. Having grown up in a cult, I am very wary of people who call themselves prophets. It's good to hear that you and some of the others enjoyed the presentation.


      • robert2011

        Deborah, thank you for your comments. We as people tend to live in a past referenced way. We can become jaded and not open to something because of our past negative experiences. This is very understandable. However, we must see this and allow our minds to open to something that may be new and might hold the greatest truth for us. The New Message and its Messenger are such a thing. I have been involved for almost 4 years and can say unequivocally – this is no cult! It is genuine and real. Let your heart guide you here. Blessings.

  • While the broadcast did not take place on the 11th as planned, there are about 9 broadcasts of a new revelation from the New Message on the http://www.newmessage.org site already to be viewed, at no cost by the non profit publisher and author.

    I too was there in Estes Pk, and have travelled 800 miles geographically and 10,000 miles spiritually, to come to recognize this, and its truth for me, in my experience. I had to experience the message and the messenger for myself, in the room, to know what this really was. Sure, the revelation speaks and provides commentary, entirely for itself, but I had to know, for myself.

    Everything else is presumption, projection, and as I still struggle with, that usually leads to judgment. I find the Golden Rule of "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you" to be the core kernel of truth, that makes all of the world's religions and spiritual paths, become clear to me, in my perspective.

    The New Message, I can unequivocally state, says just that, and much more, in such a self evident, honest, and compassionate way to a discouraged and fractious Human Family. One Human Family, with One Spirituality, is now being called, to rise to the occasion and the NECESSITY of a world under going profound change and upheaval, leading to natural and energy resource depletion, 25 mil climate refugees, loss of arable land and fresh water, violent weather, economic and political instability, and the growing risk of increasing competition over the world's remaining resources.

    Its a cross roads of behavior and thought, a reckoning, is what I have experienced myself. How do I choose to act in the future? In my own best interest alone? And which voice within do I follow–the voice of fear and cult(ure) or the voice of my deeper experience and deeper conscience of Knowledge? And when do I choose? What will you choose? As Dr. Anne Bolte Taylor found out, God does what works. In this case, what works is for people to wake up to the direct relationship they have with one another and with the planet, and to see that their Calling is really more than just about personal fulfillment and enrichment. Its about serving a situation that is calling for their specific gifts and unique design to be called for, in service to the world.

    The New Message states that we are all here, everyone one of us now, on the planet for a specific purpose, to be accomplished in concert with specific persons. We're not just here to be consumers and critics, and more importantly, what is happening isn't just a big inconvenience: its an opportunity to give what we came here to give. And engaging in the deeper experience and deeper conscience we all possess at birth, the deeper mind of Knowledge, is how we do that.

    It has changed my life, so much for the better. Finding Steps to Knowledge marked a new beginning in my life.

    No one can tell you what something is for you. You must experience that for yourself, to actually know.

    So it was for me. I found the books of the New Message, several of which are online free (along with entire in-depth audio teachings, videos, and witnessing to read, watch, print, download, share, etc.), for the world to receive, at no cost at the above website. That is how I was able to investigate and experience the Message, and its resonance, beauty and prophecy for myself. I got them through inter library loan, as a broke f.t. college student.

    The new message, that Summers has received– over the last 27 years of revelation, in 9000 pages of sacred texts and 800+ separate revelation instances– states about the intended role of women in society and spiritual leadership, that we live in the "age of women," a time when:

    "God wills that woman rise
    to the roles of religious leadership and that those who have limited
    the gifts and expression of women
    end their oppression,
    otherwise humanity will fail in its evolution and development."

    Personally, I really resonate with that "Age of Women" teaching, which you can hear yourself. No wonder we're stuck in a shallow surface intellect and animal-like mindset and find the world in the state that it is in, not only for us but for future generations. We forgot about the spiritual connection inside! Half of the human race has been kept out of their full expression of the gifts that they came into the world to give because women in many faiths, cannot ascend to religious and spiritual leadership, sure they can be monks. But the pope? Or an Imam, in Islam?

    Lastly, having been a spiritual patch-worker & a taste testing spiritual dabbler, there is not anything light weight, or even poorly worded in the New Message, it flows with a beauty, a depth, and resonance you can feel and experience, inside, in your own home or the road, at the link above, in one of nearly 30 audio revelations presented on the site, at no cost.

    This is the only such teaching and pathway I have found anywhere in the world, that speaks to the world's condition at this time. And to what we each can do, individually, to go within, and establish a firm connection to what we really feel, see, and know, at a deeper experience and deeper conscience level of our inner-knowing, the deeper spiritual intelligence the new message calls Knowledge; or the ability to see, know, and act with wisdom, in any situation. This is fundamental to us, and we are each born with this Knowledge.

    The book Steps to Knowledge: the Book of Inner Knowing, shows you how, step by step, in daily practices, how to establish and strengthen this connection inside. This connection inside to our deeper experience is what I feel will see us through these times, with a grace, a compassion, a cooperation, and a unity, that is born of necessity now, in facing a global situation of tremendous change. That is why when I found the New Message, I knew I had found the answer to my prayers, I knew I had found my Calling, and I knew upon sitting in the room, that this man, and this revelation was real. Because I came to see what it was about, for me, in my own experience.

    So, while we each have our own predispositions and preferences, our deeper experience and deeper conscience that we feel and live each day, can only objectively show us what is true for us, in our own experience, as we live it. I know that now. Thoughts and ideas are of the mind. Experience and resonance and grace are of the heart, and the divine has always sent successive messages to humanity to continue to build that core strength that is going to be so essential now.

    This encampment, and this revelation, is all about the individual's ability to see, to know, and to act with wisdom, as they are able. And a book like Steps to Knowledge, being self study format, builds that, everyday.

    And the amazing thing is, when you begin to experience Knowledge, as I have, you begin to see and feel and recognize, profoundly, that Knowledge and Spirit is the most natural thing in the world to each of us. Its the great endowment put in us by the creator. it is a deeper experience meant to guide us through our journey in the world, and to lead us to discover our gifts we have each been sent to give, in contribution to a world that is clearly in dire need of constructive contribution and giving, now.

    My experience has been, see for yourself, by experiencing an entire audio or text teaching. There are many to choose from, and its a vast, incredibly empowering and inspiring message, one that many worldwide are responding to, perhaps you will too. Best wishes group and Debra.

  • Gonzalo de Lara

    New Message is the most clear, direct and simple to understand. Don't believe it blindly. Read it, and investigate, with an open heart and mind.

  • Seeker

    Having telepathically interacted with extraterrestrials using the methods described in "Alien Mind: A Primer", much of what Marshall Summers mentions is indeed true in my experience

    I do have reservations though about him claiming to be the main Messenger of God for the next millennium. Spiritual revelation is an incredible experience, but one needs to be careful of not seeing themselves as being exclusive in any way.

    These are common human failings however, and does not take away imo from the value in Marshall's message.

  • Anna Whiteway

    This man is not only a man. He has been sent from Heaven to save our race, the human race. If you do not think we need saving, then wait a few decades and then you will realize that it was all true what he prophesizes–and by then it is likely to be too late.

    The New Message from God has brought my life to me. It has brought to me more truth than I ever thought could even exist here. It is genuine, I know this in my heart and soul. I pray earnestly that the New Message may be received by humanity, for the sake, for the fate, of this world.


    If God spoke again, would you listen?

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