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Rabid Doberman's Twenty Minutes as a Tea Party Candidate

Rabid Doberman's Twenty Minutes as a Tea Party Candidate

This is too funny not to post and share.

For about twenty minutes, Borowitz reported, a rabid Doberman Pinscher was considered to be a Tea Party candidate as he held people captivated during their Labor Day rally in Jefferson City, Missouri.  He jumped on stage and began barking, holding the people spellbound until they realized he was not actually a candidate.

Mister Buster, as identified later, barked, growled, and foamed at the mouth for twenty minutes, eventually receiving a stand ovation from the audience, after he became exhausted from his exertion.

Gwendolene Thomason, one of the hundreds of Tea Party supporters, convinced he was a candidate, until someone outed him as a dog, said, “I liked what he had to say.  He reminded me of Glenn Beck, only furrier.”

The dog's identity became clear when he lunged at a man eating a hamburger and bit off two of his fingers as he wrestled the burger away from the man's hand.

While the discovery that Mister Buster was not a Tea Party candidate disappointed many in attendance, Ms. Thomason held out hope that, dog or no, he might consider running for office at some point.

“I liked the way he bit off that guy’s hand, and the way he did his business in the middle of the stage,” she said.  ”We need more of that in Washington.”

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