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UFO sightings on the rise: UFO in China holds up flights for more than half an hour

UFO sightings on the rise: UFO in China holds up flights for more than half an hour

2011 has been a strange year with mass bird and fish deaths, hurricanes, earthquakes worldwide, bear attacks on the rise, and other happenings.   Why shouldn't there be an increase in UFO sightings?   Northern Voices Online reports there has been a 65% increase in UFO sightings in the last couple of years, including one in China that has mystified those who saw it:

Meanwhile the most recent incident of the UFO sighting has been reported from China where an airport suspended flights for close to fifty minutes as a UFO was hovering over the airport. A report by Fox News says that in CHONGQING, China aircraft were diverted away from a major Chinese airport Jiangbei International Airport  when a UFO was found to be very close to the airport.

The report suggests that all the incoming and outgoing flights from the airport, a major air hub in China, were suspended till the UFO decided to leave the place voluntarily.

This is not the first time in China when flights have been stopped at airport due to UFO scare. Last year too in a similar incident at Xiaoshan airport flights had to be diverted to other nearby airports when  a UFO remained in the sky for more than half an hour.

FoxNews reports:

Planes were dramatically diverted away from a major Chinese airport after reports of a UFO circling a runway, the Shanghai Daily reported Thursday.

The mysterious object was spotted Wednesday afternoon floating high above Jiangbei International Airport in the city of Chongqing, an important aviation hub for southwestern China.

Worried officials diverted several flights to other airports before it disappeared about 50 minutes later and air traffic was allowed to return to normal.

The Chongqing government has not offered any explanation for the UFO, Shanghai Daily said. However, skeptical airport workers believe it was a sky lantern or a large balloon, the newspaper said.

Wednesday's scare mirrors an incident in July last year when Xiaoshan airport in the eastern city of Hangzhou was closed after baffled air traffic controllers spotted a UFO on their radar screens.

Here's the video; judge for yourself:

Fox news ufo now over China by hgn53k

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