The Bible Slam: Genesis Chapter 47

Joseph's brothers tell Pharaoh that they are shepherds and ask for land in Goshen, so Pharaoh gives them the very best land,.   Jacob (aka Israel) blesses Pharaoh.

The famine gets worse and money is no good in Egypt because Joseph collected virtually all of the money supply, so they first trade livestock for grains and then Joseph comes up with a plan where the people give one-fifth of their lands to Pharaoh in return for food.   He also makes people slaves in exchange for food. The priests don't have to give anything.

Jacob (aka Israel) lives in Egypt for 17 years and dies at the age of 147.   Before dying, he makes Joesph "put his hand under his thigh" and swear that he will not bury his father in Egypt.

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Discussion Points.

Is livestock edible?   Why exchange it for grain?

Jacob lives well beyond the 120-year life span that God decreed in Genesis 6:3.

As to swearing by placing a "hand under the thigh" and touching someone's testacles, see Genesis 24's discussion points regarding the Yarek Oath.

The King James translation of this chapter, with skeptic commentary, can be found here.

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