The Bible Slam: Genesis Chapter 45

Joseph's brothers are brought back because of his trickery in Chapter 44.   He reveals who he is and there is a teary reunion.   He explains to his brothers that it was God's will that his brothers had sold   him into slavery (actually, they had thrown him in a well and others sold him).   Anyway, their actions were dictated by God so that Joseph would be in his current position in Egypt in order to take care of them.   Joseph instructs his brothers to tell his father (Israel/Jacob) that he is still alive and that the family is to live in Goshen so that they are nearby and so that Joseph can make sure they are fed during the five remaining years of the famine.

Pharaoh hears of this and gives Joseph's family his best land and says that the family will be given the best of everything.

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Discussion Points.

Free Will.   As noted in the video, Genesis 45 indicates that there is no free will, since the brothers' actions that made Joseph an Egyptian slave were part of God's plan.   By the time we get to Exodus, the descendants of this family will have become slaves in Egypt.   Apparently, God's will was that they move to Egypt in order to be made into slaves so that they can be freed by Moses.

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