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CNN's Cafferty asks about Christian dominionism

CNN's Cafferty asks about Christian dominionism

Jack CaffertyChristian dominionism, the Seven Mountains mandate, Christian Reconstructionism, and the New Apostolic Reformation movement were all addressed by CNN's Jack Cafferty, who asked viewers to opine on how worried they were that Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry were possibly associated with these religious movements.

Prior to an article by Michelle Goldberg published at The Daily Beast, neither Cafferty nor CNN's anchor, Wolf Blitzer, had heard about Christian dominionism.  Goldberg suggested that both Bachmann and Perry had deep associations with these movements.

The Bachmann and Perry campaigns did not respond to CNN's requests to comment for Cafferty's broadcast.

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  • http://caffertyonGoddiscussion karen

    This NAR group is nothing to joke about. I lived for two years near International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO. They have bought up shopping malls, property, apartment buildings and continue to grow fast by attracting young people. I was shocked to hear that the founder of this group is supporting Rick Perry and was instrumental in the Texas pray call. It's serious and people need to pay attention.

    • http://www.goddiscussion.com admin

      I agree, Karen. We've been writing about this for a couple years now. Thanks so much for commenting.


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