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Coulter to Christian Broadcasting Network:  Liberals are demonic mobs

Coulter to Christian Broadcasting Network: Liberals are demonic mobs

Ann CoulterAnn Coulter, who recently baffled Christian commentators by joining the Advisory Council of GOProud, the gay conservative group, sat down with Gordon Robertson on the Christian Broadcasting Network's 700 Club to explain how liberals are like demonic legions who form mobs to destroy America.

According to Coulter, mobs appear throughout the bible.  She cited the example of Christ expelling demons calling themselves "legion" from a crazed man.  Coulter went on to contrast the Reign of Terror that followed the French Revolution with the United States' revolution, saying that the French Revolution that sought to overthrow absolute monarchy was an example of liberal mob terrorism.  The United States' revolution, she said, was a "revolution of Christians"  and the French Revolution was "one random riot after another" and was "an aggressively anti-Christian revolution."

Obama joker signs

Do these types of signs qualify for the mob criteria in Coulter's worldview?


The Federalist Papers, she argues, were written to keep the mob down.  "You must always smash a mob, because they are dangerous," she told Robertson.

Slogans, chanting, group think, repetition, using images and not words, and peer pressure are characteristic of liberals, who are nothing but mobs, she alleges.

In her new book, Demonic, Coulter argues the Democratic Party and its supporters are historically comparable to a mob, from its support of the Ku Klux Klan to creating "messiahs" out of political leaders.

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  • Boy, she really is a stereotypical blonde. I feel sorry for blondes who are not stereotypical, because this woman is offensive on so many levels. She makes no sense at all either. Where does she get this crap? Don't tell me… From the archaic book, which she took extremely literal. She also reads slim books, such as children's books? It's a shame, people like her and other Fundamngelicals are the real people endangering the U.S.

  • She is all over the place with her "theories". I've seen her on numerous shows and I think her main goal is to stir up controversy just to sell books.

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