About Time!

About Time!

While Dennis Markuze’s (AKA David Mabus) little animals are cute, his verbally abusive language with death threats would leave even the most liberal Christian screaming about hell, but not towards any non-theist. They would probably turn the hell threat around on Markuze, especially if they read what he writes and accuse him of not being a true Christian, which most liberal Christians rarely do.

Finally, after a few years of Markuze’s threats, it appears Montreal police launched an investigation against Markuze and as a Center for Inquiry (CFI) moderator, I can say I am glad. PZ Meyers is probably happy too.

Many people in the godless community know and detest Dennis Markuze AKA David Mabus, the crazy spammer who repetitively and obsessively sends email and posts on forums and comments on blogs, with lunatic accusations, deranged claims of prophecy, threats, and random Depeche Mode videos. Others know him too; this is the guy who CC's his rants against me to every member of the faculty at my university. He's definitely mentally ill.

Back in September 2009, PZ grew tired of the messages he received, recorded all the IP numbers, copied the messages, 61 pages in all, and took them down to his local police station.

I got many excellent and informed suggestions on how to handle the death threats a certain deranged spammer has been making here, and I've acted on them. I gathered together all of the crazy posts he made over the course of one evening, and printed them out in very small print — it made for a small 61 page book, which would be impressive if it weren't so repetitive and vapid. I took it down to the local police station, along with what little we know about Markuze's addresses, IP numbers, email, and phone numbers, and plopped it down in front of a police officer.

While I love his animals, I do not care much for Markuze’s posts that we have to delete almost daily and nightly. We also ban every one of the new names he thinks of and more, but still he manages to return, even with the IP blocked also.

What sort of sick minded person says foul language and gives death threats within ear and eyeshot of cute precious little kids minds? Does he not know that these cute little kids are also born atheists? Isn’t this little kid cute and precious? Too bad the kid is not real. They might teach him something about disbelief. Then again, he could be a danger to the kids.

Yes, that is one of his many cute critter pictures, which he inserts with death threats to atheists and are the only decent thing about his posts.  He is also a lamb and not a goat, but kid works better and he is a baby.  However, with all the complaints, including from PZ Meyers, Montreal police are supposedly finally investigating the threats from Markuze.

MONTREAL — Following a deluge of thousands of complaints from around the world, Montreal police have launched an investigation into a St. Laurent man accused of making hundreds, if not thousands of deadly threats.

Complainants say that he creates accounts on Twitter or on message boards then starts insulting, harassing, and threatening atheists, scientists, and journalists with profanity-laden messages telling people that they will be executed and subjected to the judgement of God.

His language and death threats are worse than the pictures he posts, but really, if he were a true Christian or real Christian, then why would he post death threats and pictures that would show what he would like to do to atheist, like the one below? Seriously, I do not believe, short of Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) stating that God loves dead soldiers, hates gays, and the U.S., I have heard any Christian write or say things as he does.

The Christians I know, unless they are from WBC, and even they do not make such threats as these, do not go around threatening to kill people, use a guillotine on them, or shoot them, not even in picture form, like the one above. Although some Christians, such as WBC, do threaten people with their hell, but they are nice enough to have their invisible friend do the burning for them.

His picture, seen at the beginning of this article and supposedly taken at an Atheist Alliance International conference in Montreal, is circling the atheist community.

Someone identifying themselves as Markuze then went online to the Humanist Canada website and wrote: "believe me, the only reason the photo is available is because I WANTED IT OUT THERE…. actually it is quite a flattering photo of me: With finger cocked and pointing, I say "And I gotta take out these idiots!"

Now I cannot read French and what is in English, the Montreal police are twittering that they are investigating the case and asking people to stop sending email complaints to them.

Montreal police have posted several messages on their own Twitter account, assuring people they are investigating and asking them to stop bombarding police with messages.

Markuze has many more pseudonyms than just David Mabus and an online petition is circulating for the police to investigate. Thus, the Montreal police is posting messages on twitter concerning the many emails they received and asking people to stop sending them email complaints.

An online petition demanding Montreal police probe the death threats accusations has received over 4,000 signatures. Each online signature sends an automatic e-mail to the police force.

Police got so many e-mails that they send out a tweet Wednesday night asking people to stop sending messages because they have opened up an investigation.

The online petition noted that “anyone who associates with scientifically and skeptically minded people … is likely to become a target for unsettling rants and threats to their life and well-being.”

Police found his mother and she confirmed that her son, age 36, is the man they are looking for. Given that he is mixes cute animals with threats of violence, what is he doing to his poor old mother, who he supposedly lives with? What does he do to his pet pig Wilbur, if he has a real pet at all? Threaten the little guy with hell and cooked for dinner?

Eva said she doesn’t believe the accusations.

“That’s ridiculous,” she said. “(My son) would not even kill a fly.
Maybe they don’t understand his message or something.”

Tim Farley, who runs a blog about skepticism and critical thinking, said he understands Markuze’s messages quite well.

Farley, who says he receives over 60 death threats a week from Markuze, understands them as well as all the rest of us do. Most of these threats, with foul language, are copy and paste jobs. He creates the post, copies, and then pastes, sometimes repeatedly, especially if bloggers, forum moderators, and site owners delete or remove the posts from the eyes of the public, which moderators do at CFI forums.

Markuze’s mom said that her son told her he isn’t afraid of going to jail.

“He said, ‘What do you want me to do? If they want to take me to prison let them take me to prison. What can I do?’” she said.

She said that her son has the right to talk and tell the truth.

“I thought this was a free country,” she said. “Maybe he is misunderstood, but definitely I am not scared of his work.

"I am not scared at all about what he is doing. I am the mother. And mothers know best.”

The mother appears an interesting character herself and for a person to not be scared of jail or prison does not seem like a mentally healthy person. How does one misunderstand words like this (kids, cover your eyes):

new rulership for ATHEIST SACKS OF SH&T – traitors to the human race

blasphemy is a DEATH SENTENCE

Repent and turn to God or be destroyed…


Those are the nicer statements he puts in his posts at CFI. Atheist Revolution showed some he received:

You'll be pleased to know that Dennis Markuze (aka, David Mabus) is continuing to email me and post comments here (that go to moderation) regularly. For whatever reason, the content has been growing increasingly violent. The last two featured the following gems:

atheists, we're gonna cut off your heads…


we are going to execute you…

I suppose that these statements would be considered threats by the law enforcement community.

They seem like threats to me. Blaghag, Jen McCreight, also gets her share of threats.

You don't see him around here that much because I've tightened up my comment moderation quite a bit, and probably banned every IP address in Montreal in the process. But I get at least one crazed email and multiple tweets from him every day, usually containing a variety of threats – punching us, shooting us, nuking us, chopping off our heads, references to krystallnacht.

This has become a common occurrence for any bloggers, scientists, or activists whoare associated with atheism. But I've also received personalized threats, such as "feel safe, jen?" and "jen we are going to exterminate you, cunt."

At CFI, we have removed many pages of his violent posts and PZ has received such messages from the Markuze since 1993. He stated that he gets up every morning, checks his messages at various places, deletes the spam, which Markuze generally repeated in many posts, and PZ blocks him, or at least he tries. PZ stated that he still gets hundreds of messages every day from Markuze and has reported the man to the police.

[The messages] gradually grown from an occasional deranged message on usenet to part of my daily routine, where I'm dealing with hundreds of ranty messages every day from one disturbed individual in Montreal, Canada. And I'm not even his sole target: he has a hate-on for Shermer, Randi, and Dawkins, and this is all he does with his life: he sits in his bedroom in his parent's house and sends out shrill, incoherent messages to the world, all day long.

I agree with PZ, this Markuze needs psychological help, probably hospitalization until he recovers enough to socialize again, and of course, denial of internet computer use.  I also agree with the many other atheists/humanists that this has gone on far too long.  Hopefully, the Montreal police will do something soon, because this is getting old and if Markuze’s animals were real, I am afraid I would have to get the ASPCA on him too.  Good thing they are not real and all we need do is tell the police about his messages.

About Mriana

Mriana is a humanist and the author of "A Source of Misery", who grew up in the Church of God, Anderson Indiana. After she became an adult, she joined the Episcopal Church, but later left the Church and became a humanist. She has two grown sons and raises cats. Mriana raised her sons in the Episcopal Church, but in their teen years, they left the Church and she soon followed. One of her sons became a "Tao Buddhist" and the other a None, creating his own world view. She enjoys writing, reading, science, philosophy, psychology, and other subjects. Mriana is also an animal lover, who cares for their welfare as living beings, who are part of the earth. She is a huge Star Trek fan in a little body.
  • I don't quite understand the animal thing with Dennis Markuze … does he professionally design the pictures, or does he just include them with his hate male? Nonetheless, it's good to hear that he is being investigated. 61 pages of hate is mind-blowing. It sounds like he is so obsessed that at some point, he might resort to violence. Does he "preach" a bunch of religious rhetoric in his rants?


    • I don't know, but he does include them at CFI and I think it relates in the case of the lamb "Lamb of God", but he called it "Lamb power" and the pig one, without looking again, I recall a "fascist pig" remark, or something like that, about atheists. The huge mole rat pic, which I didn't share, he calls us a bunch of "little Nazis". You should see how many pages we mods have stashed away from public view. He posts, we move them, unless we get several in one night, then we delete the repeats, making it 42 pages in a course of 4 years.

      If I could, I'd a post a whole one for you, but like myself you probably won't get through the whole thing, but I don't recall an Biblical quotes, just a bunch of "Repent atheists or you're going to die/go to hell" crap, calling our beliefs BS.

      He hit exchristian.net a few times, but somehow the webmaster managed to get that stopped or most of us don't see it anymore.

      Usually I would not say one needs help, but this dude… esp after many years of this stuff, incarceration isn't going to help him, but maybe a psychiatrist will.

      I'll see if I can snag one via copy and paste send you one to look at via email, so you can get an idea of what he says, but I doubt I can copy his pics, in a copy and paste deal. It may help you, in case I caused another Scientology deal, by posting this story.

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