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GOP presidential candidate Gary Johnson not courting the evangelicals in Iowa

GOP presidential candidate Gary Johnson not courting the evangelicals in Iowa

Gary JohnsonFormer New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is running for president on the Republican ticket.  Despite the fact that he is the only candidate who has a high favorable rating in his state, Johnson is not well-known.

Johnson's approach is businesslike, looking at the financial bottom line.  Unlike the other Republican candidates, he does not discuss religion and believes in the separation of church and state.  Johnson is the only candidate who has publicly said that gays and lesbians should have civil rights, that marijuana should be legalized, and that women should have the right to choose.

As to marijuana, he points out that a staggering $40 billion is spent each year in the war on drugs for non-violent marijuana offenses and that zero people have died as a result of marijuana overdose.

Johnson does not court the New Apostolic Reform movement that endorses Seven Mountains dominionism and spiritual warfare, a group that has been enjoying increasing power and influence in politics. Last month, when the Iowa Family Leader group demanded that Republican candidates sign its controversial "Marriage Vow – A Declaration of Dependence Upon Marriage and Family" in order to receive an endorsement from the state's Christian conservatives, Johnson was the first to condemn the bigotry expressed in the declaration, quickly issuing a press release saying,

While the Family Leader pledge covers just about every other so-called virtue they can think of, the one that is conspicuously missing is tolerance. In one concise document, they manage to condemn gays, single parents, single individuals, divorcees, Muslims, gays in the military, unmarried couples, women who choose to have abortions, and everyone else who doesn’t fit in a Norman Rockwell painting.

In Johnson's view, if the Republican party continues to make social issues its major focus, it will not win the presidency.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Shannon Bream suggested that the two-term governor would not be able to sway the evangelicals in the Iowa caucus because of his views.  Johnson replied that the reason he is not going to Iowa is because his campaign cannot afford to do so; instead, he is focusing his efforts in New Hampshire.

Johnson believes that the nation faces financial collapse and does not think that the debt ceiling should have been raised, despite the difficulties that not doing so would have created.

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  • A sane republican? What kind of trickery is this?

    • Hi FreeThought,

      You're so right! I may not agree with him on everything, but find him very refreshing. It is a shame that he does not get more media attention as he is the only one of the GOP that reflects the values I had when I was a Republican. I quit the party due to the religious craziness. Saving $40 billion by ending a drug war that doesn't work seems like a good idea to me.


  • He is going to be excluded from the Thursday Iowa Debate by @FoxNews http://t.co/iv3Yhnt

  • malcolm kyle

    Prohibition does nothing but bankroll dangerous criminals, corrupt whole law enforcement agencies and generously arm international terrorists. Alcohol prohibition (1919-1933) was a casebook example of such dangerous folly. Today, alcohol is taxed and regulated and the shoot-outs over turf and the killing of innocent bystanders are no longer a daily part of the alcohol trade. So how come so many of us lack the simple ability to learn from such an important historical lesson, and are instead intent on perpetuating the madness and misery that prohibition has always invariably engendered? 

    It is clearly our always-doomed-to-fail policy of prohibition that is causing this intense misery. We need to fix ourselves (start thinking clearly) and in doing so, we will not only help rid ourselves of this terrible self-inflicted curse but also help to heal the whole planet.

    Are we really such an adolescent nation that we can expect neither maturity nor cognitive thought from either our leaders or our populace? This is not a war on drugs; it's an outright war on sanity!

    Colombia, Peru, Mexico or Afghanistan, with their coca leaves, marijuana buds or their poppy sap, are not igniting temptation in the minds of poor weak American citizens. These countries are merely responding to the enormous demand that comes from within our own borders. Invading or destroying those countries, creating more hate, violence, instability, injustice and corruption, will not fix this problem. We need to admit that It is ourselves who are sick. Prohibition is neither a sane nor a safe approach. Left unabated, it's puritanical flames will surely engulf every last one of us!

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