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Favorable Job Rating Poll:  God, 52 Percent.  Obama, 46 Percent.  Boehner, 33 Percent.

Favorable Job Rating Poll: God, 52 Percent. Obama, 46 Percent. Boehner, 33 Percent.

bible godPublic Policy Polling asked Americans, "If God exists, do you approve or disapprove of its performance?"

God didn't do too well with 52% approving of God's job performance, 9% disapproving and 40% unsure.

The poll, which surveyed 928 people, was part of a larger survey of American's approval of members of Congress.

The deity fared a bit better on other matters.  For instance, when asked to rate God on the creation of the universe, 71% of voters approved and only 5% disapproved.

As to God's governance of the animal kingdom, 56% approved and 11% disapproved.

For an all loving, all-knowing presence, God's approval rating was quite dismal.  But the invisible deity was generally more liked than U.S. politicians.  House Speaker John Boehner, and both Republicans and Democrats in Congress, all came in with a 33% approval rating.  President Obama's approval rating was not measured in the Public Policy Polling survey, but Real Clear Politics says the president has a 46% approval rating.

Raw Story says that the questions posed by Public Policy Polling are questionable, citing a recent poll published by the organization that said that 44% of Republicans thought that President Obama would not be taken to heaven in the rapture and that 37% were not sure.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach told CNN that he was surprised that God's approval rating was so high, especially given recent natural disasters that God supposedly could have prevented.  He said that there is a tendency among the faithful to defend God at all costs.

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  • Mriana

    This sounds like the Onion, but OK I'll play along. How is God doing so well when you look at Japan and what happened there? If God is so great at creation, then why are there humans that are so mean? Oh yeah, that freewill crap. OK, then if he's so great, then why give humans the freewill to be so mean and cruel? If he is doing so well with the animal kingdom then why are humans destroying each other and other animals too? He's not governing us very well, because there was that little thing that states, "Thou shalt not kill" "Thou shalt not lie"… etc. The Bonobos with their free love are doing better than we are. They aren't so prone to violence and seem to be following God's laws far better then the human animal is. If God is doing so great then why is it cold in Cali and so hot in the mid-West this summer? Why is it places further north are having a heat wave and Cali is having what feels like winter in comparison? Something screwed up about that.

    Well, I could go on and on, but I vote to impeach God, because he's not doing a very good job with the earth and its inhabitants.

    • http://www.goddiscussion.com admin

      Like the Rabbi said, the faithful have a tendency to defend their God at all costs. :)


      • Mriana

        Indeed they do. :lol:

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