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Pro-Life group Repent America diverts campaign to stop abortion into campaign to stop disposal of abortion wastes: Scapegoats waste disposal service providers

Pro-Life group Repent America diverts campaign to stop abortion into campaign to stop disposal of abortion wastes: Scapegoats waste disposal service providers

In support of Roe v. Wade

The Pro-life group Repent America has diverted its anti-abortion campaign into a campaign to obstruct the activities of abortion waste disposal service providers. In its Campaign to Stop Stericycle, the company that provides disposal services to abortion clinics, Repent America, led by Michael Marcavage, has not stopped with Stericycle, the medical waste disposal service provider, they are now targeting the companies providing Stericycle with truck leasing services.

Two of the truck leasing companies doing business with Stericycle, Ryder and Penske, under pressure from the Pro-life activists, have already announced that they have broken ties with the medical waste disposal company Stericyle. The Pro-life campaign has since concentrated attention on Idealease, the major company from which Stericycle leases trucks for its operations.

Idealease has some 400 franchises across the United States and each local franchise is autonomous in business decision making on lease agreements to enter into. The Pro-life Campaign to Stop Stericyle has recently stepped up pressure on the various local franchises to stop them leasing their trucks to Stericycle. They have picketed annual meetings of stockholders of Stericycle and published a list of top shareholders of the company on their CSS blog, describing the shareholder as "blood money profiteers." Campaign to Stop Stericycle has gone as far as employing coercive tactics and threats to force the Idealease franchise affiliates to comply with their directions. An ominously threatening post on the CSS blog dated July 15, 2011, reads:

Campaign to Stop Stericycle (CSS) is warning Idealease franchise affiliates to not even consider doing business with medical waste giant Stericycle, until Stericycle cleans up its act.

A statement revealing the religious crusade spirit in which the Campaign to Stop Stericycle is conducted, addressed to supporters of the campaign for donations, posted on the CSS blog, reads:

The Lord has provided us with a tremendous opportunity to speak up for the preborn and to speak out against the medical waste giant Stericycle, which is one of the leading collaborators with the abortion industry today. I am excited to tell you about what God is preparing us to do…

Convinced and flushed with a sense of self-righteous prophetic direction from God, Michael Marcavage's Campaign to Stop Stericycle, on their CSS blog, have a bio on the Stericycle CEO Mark Miller, in which he is described as "blood money profiteer."

According to the CSS blog, the campaign to stop abortion was diverted into a campaign to stop the disposal of abortion wastes when, for the first time, in January 2010, Repent America became aware that there were companies contracted by abortion clinics to dispose of abortion wastes who, in turn, lease trucks from other companies. CSS does not explain what it thought, previous to the January 10 revelation, was being done with, or what should be done with abortion wastes besides sanitary disposal. Their website goes as far as indulge in the hyperbole of describing the disposal of abortion wastes as conspiracy to destroy "evidence of genocide." and freely compares abortion to the Nazi Holocaust. They happily quote a comment by a supporter of their campaign:

This is not waste that is being disposed of. It is the destruction of the evidence of genocide. I will use my voice as an RN to ensure that everyone I know in the medical field is aware of Stericycle's complicity in the cover-up.

Quite apart from the deliberate and evident pattern of gross misinformation and playing to the gallery of the uninformed reader's emotions, the diversion of the campaign to stop abortion into a campaign to stop disposal of abortion wastes would appear as confused as blaming the undertaker for what you consider a murder crime.  If Pro-life  activists really have any legitimate issues with the abortion "industry," is the waste disposal sector of the "industry" the right place for them focus on in the quest for a solution, if at all they really are interested in a genuine and long-lasting solution to what they consider a problem?

Critics of Pro-life campaigners have correctly suggested that anti-abortion campaigners would do better to inquire into the social, cultural and economic reasons why women seek abortion services and direct their religious crusade fervor to tackling these complex of social, cultural and economic issues rather than merely seek cosmetic solutions in legal enforcement of anti-abortion policies and picketing abortion waste disposal services providers. Harassing and picketing waste disposal service providers amounts merely to displaced aggression and scapegoating.

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