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Christian 7 Mountains Dominionism Unleashed:  The 300, Perry and the Presidency

Christian 7 Mountains Dominionism Unleashed: The 300, Perry and the Presidency

dominon and domination over the earth"Christian dominionsm" is a term loosely used to describe the growing wave of New Apostolic Reformation, Christian reconstructionist and other religious movements calling themselves the remnant church.  They subscribe to "the Seven Mountains Mandate" that calls for domination of all areas of culture so that all nations on the planet become Christian theocracies.  In essence, the earth shall become a Christian kingdom for Christ to return to rule.

The seven areas of culture, called mountains and "spheres," include government (and finance), education (and science), business, family, religion, arts and entertainment, and media.  This list of "mountains" and "spheres" are beginning to show up everywhere, such as in the Dobsons' National of Day of Prayer Task Force mission statement.

The end times are near in their way of thinking.  For those self-appointed "prophets" and "apostles" amongst them, they believe that they have a responsibility to demonstrate "signs and wonders" in order lead people to salvation because they are lights in the midst of shaking and have the portals of heaven above them.  The less charismatic simply want to dominate the culture and lean more toward Biblical legalism.

Regardless of the nuances of their respective theologies, the endgame is the same:  Everyone must conform to their form of Christianity.  Mormons, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Catholics, atheists, agnostics, the "spiritual but not religious" and everyone else not "the right kind of Christian" are expelled from the kingdom.

It all seems like a conspiracy theory or a crackpot brand of religion.  Yet, it is becoming increasingly popular in Christianity and its leaders are heavily involved in politics.

The Lausanne Movement:  10-Year Plan for Global Conversion Announced.

At the core of all of this is something called the Lausanne Movement.

It was started by Billy Graham in 1974 with the Congress on World Evangelization held in Lausanne, Switzerland.   A year later, two of the Lausanne conference leaders — the late Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade and Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With a Mission — announced the Seven Mountains Mandate.

By its third world congress held in Cape Town, South Africa, last year, over 4,000 leaders from 198 nations attended, creating what might be the widest-representative church gathering ever held in the history of mankind.

Map of North Africa and the Middle EastDuring the South Africa convention, members of the Lausanne Movement declared that Africa had become "the church of the future," noting that conversion to evangelical Christianity had grown by 3000%.

Africa, like China, has been a target of  relentless Christian evangelizing, where gullible and superstitious people are led to believe that the missionaries have the power to heal the sick and raise the dead, all part of the "signs and wonders" of the ending of the age.  In these "Christian" African nations, incidents of torture of children accused of being witches and demonization of gays and lesbians — done in the name of Christianity — run rampant.

At the Cape Town conference, a mission statement was formulated that envisioned a worldwide domination of the seven cultural mountains.  Earlier this month, the Lausanne mission announced that it had formulated its 10-year plan to achieve its objectives.  Those objectives, generally include (see full text drafted by the movement),

  • There will be no wall of separation, as government would be based on absolute "biblical truth" and no pluralism.
  • The workplace will become an evangelistic mission field.
  • The media will be saturated with "the biblical worldview."
  • There will be an increasing Christian message in arts, music, movies, plays and other forms of entertainment.
  • Science, technology, and healthcare will embrace "biblical truths."  Healthcare will embrace "the sanctity of human life;" i.e., no termination of pregnancies and no assisted suicide.
  • Christians are encouraged to attend or teach at secular universities in order to influence them with "biblical truth."  Christ-centered schooling is honored as a form of academic excellence.
  • Everyday conversation and culture will be filled with the Christian viewpoint, where Christ is the truth of the universe and the center of all human life.

The 300 Christian-Spartans and the Oak Initiative.

Watch Unto Prayer, which alludes that the dominioinst teachings are satanic, has published an extensive database of the various leaders and churches involved with the Lausanne Movement and its dominionist leanings, characterized as the Global Prayer Movement.

The names and connections listed by Watch Unto Prayer are overwhelming and not easily summarized.  A recent development which appears to shepherd the movement is something called The Oak Initiative, led by Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries.  The group, which has adopted the Lausanne Covenant, perceives America as being in crisis and robbed of its Judeo-Christian values, declaring that they are "change-agents and facilitating change in every aspect of our culture as we, the Oak Initiative, become infused into the areas of social, cultural, and political impact wherever we find ourselves. "

The Seven Mountains play a roll in The Oak Initiative's strategy, which includes among other things:

The Oak Institute is being developed to raise up effective leaders for all of the dominant areas of influence in the culture, including: government, business, education, arts and entertainment, family services, media, and the church.

In March this year, People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch noticed that The Oak Initiative was forming a 300 Christian-right Spartan army of sorts.   Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council and characterized as "the main point man in the cultural wars in Washington," joined Jerry Boykin and Rick Joyner to discuss the need for Christians to take control of government and culture and to announce the formation of some "300" like coalition of Religious Right activists:

The Christian Right "Intelligence Service."

To help accomplish its goals, The Oak Initiative announced last August that it was forming an "Intelligence Service" for the Christian right:

This is for training an army of “watchmen” who are skilled in discerning important issues or events as they unfold, and can gather basic information about it that is accurate and trustworthy.

The Intelligence Service is about to get a fresh jolt of "force multipliers."  According to a February newsletter, The Oak Initiative announced four new initiatives:

  • 300 Defenders: Seeking 300 leaders to run for public office at all levels.
  • Christian Information Service: Information Gathering; vetting and processing; and distribution as ‘force multipliers’.
  • The Order of Esther: Mobilize the church to combat the present slavery of women.
  • A Presidential Campaign: Preparing the way now.

Perry and the Presidency.

Rick PerryWriting for Religion Dispatches, journalist Sarah Posner noted on July 7 that there had been approximately 80 religious leaders gathered in Texas in June for a closed-door meeting to determine their strategy in defeating President Obama in 2012.  Her data came from Brian Kaylor of Ethics Daily, who revealed that among those gathered were "Vonette Bright, widow of Campus Crusade for Christ founder Bill Bright, who played a key role in conservative religious-political efforts that birthed the so-called "Religious Right"; Jerry Boykin, a former Pentagon official rebuked for violating policies by speaking in churches in uniform; Jim Garlow, chairman of Newt Gingrich's organization, Renewing American Leadership; Ruth Graham, daughter of evangelist Billy Graham; Harry Jackson, a politically active conservative pastor; David Lane, who has led several efforts to politically mobilize pastors; Ron Luce of Teen Mania Ministries; former Republican U.S. Rep. Bob McEwen; Rod Parsley, a controversial megachurch pastor who endorsed John McCain in 2008 before being rejected by McCain; Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leaders Conference; and Don Wildmon of the American Family Association."

Of this group, Boykin and Rodriguez sit on The Oak Initiative board. Bright spoke at the last Lausanne Conference. McEwen, Garlow and Wildmon are involved with Perry's prayer rally, as is Oak Initiative board member Cindy Jacobs, a "prophet" who sends "decrees over individuals and nations" and claims to be able to stop floods and make the waters subside with her verbal commands (see this video – it also goes into how Peter Wagner and his prayer partners allegedly stopped mad cow disease).  Perkins was also involved in previous secret meetings.  According to Ethics Daily, Governor Perry met with the group of religious leaders.

Members of the Lausanne Movement, The Oak Initiative, the Perry prayer partners, and the Christian leaders meeting behind closed doors have not named a specific candidate.  While their chosen candidate is not known, it is becoming more clear that they are working closely together to dominate the government mountain.

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