Atheists Love God

Atheists love God

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about atheists, love and God from this funny & provocative little children's book for adults that will keep you thinking and laughing.

"This is Eat Pray Love for atheists with a sense of humor, but with a lot less words, no mumbo-jumbo, no long unbelievable story and tons of pop culture references that will have you thinking about it long after your first read."

— The Anonymous Atheist Book Reviewer

"I couldn't stop screamin' at the pages of this blasphemous little book. What's with that stupid title? It really doesn't seem to understand what the word atheist means. How dare they make jokes about my mama. This crap should be banned immediately!"

— Random Religious Person Review

"You'll freaking love it! And the next time someone asks you: What's black and white and read all over? You'll tell 'em: Atheists love God!"

— just some guy off the street Review

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