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Theistic Satanist Diane Vera denies Satanic ritual abuse claims: Satanic panic based on unfounded rumors, she says

Theistic Satanist Diane Vera denies Satanic ritual abuse claims: Satanic panic based on unfounded rumors, she says

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On June 7, 2011, we carried the story Theistic Satanism Booming on the Internet, says Catholic Conference: But Why Would anyone Want to Worship the Devil? In the article, we referred to the article History of Satanism posted on the website of the Satanic Kindred Organization which refers to reported cases of Ex-Satanic cult members reporting:

…gruesome rituals in which hearts are cut out of living victims. Others report that victims are sexually abused before being killed; then their blood is drunk and their flesh is eaten. Women “breeders” produce babies for the “ultimate” and “ideal” human sacrifice. Former breeders report witnessing their babies being skinned alive, eaten, burned, poured in concrete and cut up and thrown in the ocean.

Diane Vera, a leading member of the Theistic Satanist community on the internet, who describes herself as an Azazelian Polytheistic Satanist, has responded to claims of  "Satanic Ritual Abuse " in the  1980s and early 90s, with the explanation that the stories of satanic ritual abuse from this period have largely been proven false. Diane Vera cynically describes stories of "women breeders" and gruesome rituals as "classic Satanic Ritual Abuse allegations most of which have long since been discredited and have never been substantiated." She writes:

…the book Michelle Remembers, which launched the “Satanic Ritual Abuse” scare of 1980 to 1995, has been definitively debunked as being, at best, a collection of false memories — if not an outright hoax."

Michelle Remembers (1980) was written by Michelle Smith and Lawrence Pazder (M.D.). The book detailed the terrors of Smith's expereince as a child of five in Victoria Columbia (1954-1955). Michelle Smith claimed that her mother gave her to devil worship rituals and that she witnessed ritual killings of animals and infants. Michelle, in her alleged recollections, claimed that she was shut in coffins and put into graves and made to defaecate on the cross and renounce the Christian god. She recollected seeing the Devil, a not-so congenial gentlemen with lashing, snake-like tail, which struck her neck and seared her flesh.

Diane Vera disagrees with the Satanic Kindred Organization article History of Satanism which says:

Perhaps most dangerous of all are small cults whose members call themselves Satanists and practice ritual murder and animal mutilation. Such groups are said to kidnap runaway children and the homeless and use them as sacrificial victims.

She explains:

Such cults were alleged to be commonplace in the 1980's, and were a common feature of the highly questionable “recovered memories” that were faddish back then. However, in real life, only one cult even remotely resembling this description has ever been found and prosecuted: the drug gang led by Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo.

She  refers to the Bakersfield case of 1985 in which a ten year old boy, in Bakersfield, California, claimed that he and about two dozen other boys were forced to  participate in gory satanic ritual in a "bad church."  Diane Vera points out, with references, that the 34 convictions related to the Kern County Child Abuse cases were overturned in appeals. She debunks the "Satanic  Ritual Abuse" cases as "full-fledged witch-hunt which ruined the lives of thousands of probably-innocent people." She  also refers to the 1992  report by  FBI special agent Kenneth Lanning ,who concluded that the "Satanic Ritual Abuse" cases were "almost entirely nonsense."

She similarly refers to Maury Terry's book Ultimate Evil (1987), describing it as "trash journalism". In the book, Ultimate Evil, Maury Terry claimed that the 1970's serial killer David Berkowitz alias "son of Sam" was a member of a Satanic cult which operated in Westchester County and linked to a network of cults across the country.

Diane Vera takes the Satanic Kindred Organization to task for accepting the claims of Satanic Ritual Abuses without skepticism. She writes:

Nowhere does the Satanic Kindred page put these allegations into historical context…The Satanic Kindred page echoes “Satanic Ritual Abuse” scare claims without any attempt to debunk them. Instead of debunking them, the Satanic Kindred page’s sole concern is to classify these alleged crimes as “Devil Worship” and, thereby, to absolve LaVeyan Satanists and Setians.

Diane Vera says that Satanists are law abiding. According to Ms. Vera, Satanist groups like Church of Satan, the Temple of Set and First Satanic Church encourage their members to be law abiding. She also comments that the Pontifical Academy Regina Apostolorum has a mistaken picture of Satanism based on she describes as:

criminal antics of deranged members of a metal band called the Beasts of Satan who are not representative of real-life Satanists.

Diane Vera concludes her refutation of "Satanic Ritual Abuse"  or "Satanic Panic":

It is vitally important that Satanists not endorse such claims. When Satanists – of all people! – repeat such claims without debunking them, it gives the claims undeserved credibility in the eyes of the general public, because a Satanist’s endorsement of such claims will be seen as an admission that goes against our natural bias.

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  • This article ignores almost of the evidence proving that ritual abuse exists.

    In the Kern county case, Grant Gene Self had a history of molesting children prior to his arrest. In 2000 a jury found Self to be a potentially violent predator and he was committed to Atascadero. John Stoll's son did not recant his accusations and as an adult stated he had been molested.

    The book, "Michelle Remembers" has not been debunked and the story was verified by researchers sent by the publisher to Canada.

    Lanning admitted in the mainstream media that he never interviewed a ritual abuse survivor, then later stated he spoke to a few "on an unofficial basis." He also wrote
    "I do not deny the possibility that some of these allegations of an organized conspiracy involving the take-over of day care centers, abduction, cannibalism, and human sacrifice might be true. But if they are true, then it is one of the greatest crime conspiracies in history."

    The most important point is that there have been convictions for crimes with ritual abuse elements that have been upheld until this day. A one sided article like this does a disservice to those that have been abused in cults and to children that are still being abused in cults today.

    • the article merely details Diane Vera's refutation of Satanic ritual abuse claims. Diane Vera's views on the subject do not necessarily reflect mine–though after having examined the evidence she presents i am inclined to agreeing with her that the claims have been exaggerated. This, however, does not amount to denying incidences of satanic ritual abuse altogether…

  • Faunhoovesdance

    It does not surprise me that these cases are mostly false. Bakc then it was the 20th century not the 17th century. Last thing this country needed was another slame witch trial. Yet alone an inquizitional style trials in this country. Hypnotism as form of psychological treatment is a complete joke. And has been proven that the person doing the hypnosis can and will push suggestion that are false into the subjects mind. Making them believe that everything the hypnotizer said was true. That in itself is abuse. I seriously doubt and will continue to doubt any of the abuse cases were in fact linked to any satanic cult or ritual. Most likely these cases would have simply been a regular abuse case. not some fantasy based joke that they are. If you want ritual abuse. Hello the catholic church. Or any other organized religion out there. Where the priests and other people of the "cloth" are involved. All I heard back in teh 80' through mid 90's is ritual abuse this. Ritual abuse that. satanism this and satanism that. Truly a bunch of bunk.

  • The book, "Michelle Remembers" has indeed been debunked others claim it to be an outright hoax done for profit. That woman accused nearly every single person in her life as being an evil child-molesting Satanist, including nearly everyone in her community. On top of that, the female "victim" was rumored to be sleeping with her therapist whom helped to "uncover" the memories. Later, both the "victim" and the therapist left their spouses and got married. On top of that, let's talk of the money. Ever hear of that saying that the love of money is the root of all evil? Well, the "victim" and her therapist got a $100,000.00 advance for the hardback, $242,000.00 for the paperback rites and a potential movie deal. The "victim" and her therapist were later reportedly sued and prevented from pursuing a movie deal.

    And what is really sad is that the book was passed from person to person, or should I state, Christian to Christian. Where's the discernment among Christians? The lies of this woman have caused major pain to her family and community yet people still eat it up and believe it to be true.

    All I can say is that people should look back to the Salem Witch Trials. After the horror was done, only one girl gave a public apology and claimed that the devil had decieved her into making false accusations. The rest of the girls, and their families, most likely went to their graves UNREPENTENT for their sins.

    Michelle Remembers: Fiction, not Fact

  • JJ T

    I agree with the first comment. Vera's "refutations" are one sided and therefore not valid. When one reviews the news articles of the 80s and 90s, one will find a balanced viewpoint of all of the ritual abuse cases. The deniers always had the attention of the media and sometimes ran full page ads in newspapers. The testimony in court cases of those abused did not usually come from hypnotism. The Catholic church is also guilty of abuse and now they are being exposed. All religions that abuse need to be exposed.

  • Robert

    It is a little ridiculous that this website is even discussing old claims which have now been so completely refuted by credible, neutral, non-Satanist sources. The old claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse have been fully discredited and shown to be completely false years ago in respected books such as "Satanic Panic: The Creation of a Contemporary Legend" by Jeffrey S. Victor and "Satan's Silence: Ritual Abuse and the Making of a Modern American Witch Hunt" by Debbie Nathan and Michael Snedecker. Moreover, even the 1992 FBI Report by Agent Kenneth Lanning has been available on the internet for some time now. It is posted at http://www.religioustolerance.org/ra_rep03.htm.

    At this point anyone who believes that Satanic Ritual Abuse actually happened must catch up with the times and read the reliable research and analysis studies which have been out for some time now.

  • Alice

    Ritual abuse is alive and well in Britain…particularly among Satanists. Just take the example of Wiccans.
    Wiccans are to me nutters that believe in the existence of witches and wizzards and pray to the devil. But what is less known and kept secret is their inclination to severely abuse children. They are just pedos that use any sick excuse to get their hands on defenseless children. And they torture animals too. The main group is centered in the New Forest, with secret trips to the Masons Hall in Godalming and journeys to the Isle of Wight (spooky fires in the smugglers cave on the isle of Wight for example)
    Lots of cult members meet there, everybody bringing their children along, to be abused, drugged (some mushroom stuff, some other things) and tortured until the children pass out. They call that "training" and "programming". The children who grow up this way become later messed up sect members themselves.

    The great leader is a demented, old guy by the name of N M. He lives in Minstead and seems like the nice old bloke next door. Involved in charitable stuff, incidentally all to do with children. Well, what with age and all, the pervert can't keep his mouth shut! He is apparently a high up Mason and called "Your Highness" in this Wiccan sect. He has access to children all the time, he boasts. He kidnaps children, using treats like sweets to lure them. He abuses children of friends, scaring them to death, so they don’t tell their parents. There were court cases where the parents found out, but he never got a conviction (no proof and because the kids are unknowingly drugged, they don’t talk sense in court). The self-proclaimed 33rd degree Mason N M is really called H L N M and lives in Minstead, New Forest, England.
    Other cult members:
    Angus Mackinnon
    Martin Eayrs (Lancaster)
    Alistair Banks (Lyndhurst, New Forest)
    There might be harmless cult members as well – I don't know. Maybe there are cult members left in the unknown. The guys above are criminals for sure. I imagine there might be some police members protecting them, because otherwise I wouldn't get why they could do this sick stuff for so long.

    The above sect has not only men, there are sick females involved as well. So, do not trust your nice looking neighbour, just because you cannot imagine him or her to do such things. Be weary if your child changes in behaviour. Keep a healthy distance – not every Wiccan is openly Wiccan. The more they hide it the more they have to hide.

    • Moggy

      There is so much evidence of a massive cover up of child abuse in the UK and around the world. People need to wake up and stop being in denial. These scum are being protected by those in high places that think they are above the law…God will bring those to justice…victory is assured…google Hollie Greig

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  • Jcf 1970

    Diane should extend her studies by attending rosicrucian or demolay initiations or even kundalycan rites, she would probably be welcomed by these maniacs who would surely gangrape and murder by sacrifice after. I witnessed them rites as a boy because my uncle was part of such group who by the way is composed largely of police officers, businessmans and politicians. Most rites include gay sex or child abuse. The usage of drugs is mandatory. Usually the bodies found end up being cold cases. Dont ask why….

  • Jcf 1970

    Do you really think liars would tell the truth. The cults of worship of Satan are based on occulted rites … like any other rites. The day others will speak out I will be very happy, but that is if they can deal with the thrauma, the death threats and much more… these people are more organized and more vicious than any organized crime gang known.Do you think they did not make every effort possible to discredit me or attempt to my life….

  • Jcf 1970

    Just a stupid bunch of gay psychopaths

  • Jcf 1970

    Basically its like criminalized gangs, when they act in pacts they fullfill their power trip of domination and fear inflicting. But take them one on one, they are the worst coward sissies scared to die ever.

  • Jcf 1970

    I still ask myself why they dont offer themselves as sacrifice victims, because suicide is the only sure way to be apart from God. If you are dead, he cant save you anymore.

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