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Christian Nationalists to "Rededicate" the United States to God, Saying Jesus Christ is King of America

Christian Nationalists to "Rededicate" the United States to God, Saying Jesus Christ is King of America

Steven AndrewOn July 3, when many Americans are making last minute trips to the store for their 4th of July celebrations or are otherwise enjoying the Independence Day weekend, Christian churches across the nation plan on "rededicating" the nation to God.

The God they refer to is the Christian deity.

"As the USA draws near to God, God will draw near to the USA," says Pastor Steven Andrew, author of Making A Strong Christian Nation. Protestant and Catholic congregations are invited to participate in "the national covenant prayer:"


As Your Christian nation, we affirm our covenant: You, the LORD, are the God of the USA and we are Your people. Jesus is our King. We obey what You say in the Holy Bible. We love You with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. We love one another as Jesus loved us. We ask You to forgive our sins by Jesus' sacrifice.

In Jesus' name. Amen. (Psalm 33:12, Mark 12:30, John 13:34,  2 Chronicles 15:12)

Steven Andrew encourages members of the Tea Party and others to participate in praying this covenant on the 4th of July, saying "We are encouraging all churches to include the covenant insert in their bulletins on Sunday, July 3rd. We also ask individuals and other patriotic groups like the Tea Party, homeschool groups and pro-life America to distribute the handout and to pray the covenant on July 4th."

The Christian nationalists do not believe in the wall of separation between church and state, proclaiming that Jesus Christ is King of the United States of America and that the founding fathers intended it to be that way:

Our founding fathers lived with Jesus as King of the USA. Will you ask Jesus to be King of the USA? Welcoming Jesus as King is part of seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness for the USA.

As it was with our founding fathers, turning to Jesus is the Answer today. Christianity is the unifying majority of the USA. Recent polling shows 81% believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to earth and died for our sins. The USA is a Christian nation. In contrast, we divide our nation by emphasizing the 31% Republicans and 36% Democrats. (Rasmussen Reports poll data)

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  • John

    Interesting take on the founding fathers. I doubt they would have been enthralled with the idea of a king, of any kind, being in charge of the US, what with the whole Revolutionary War they had just fought to end the rule of a king and install a Democracy.

    Beyond that though, I wonder if only one dedication at a time is permitted. Since this one is supposedly to replace the old dedication, what if 30 years down the line a bunch of Jewish synagogues decide to "rededicate" America to the Jewish God. Will that preempt the Christian dedication? Or even some Hindus or Buddhists do the same?

    Also, which "flavor" of Christianity will be used for the dedication? Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, etc? It would be a bit silly to dedicate it to the wrong God.

  • I wonder if anyone has done a study on when what is considered the "decline of America" began. The conservative right always blames it on liberals and the godless people in our society. But I would be willing to bet that it was when Fundamentists began to infiltrate government and intolerance began to be their secret code. (Which is not so secret anymore.)

    • I've wondered the same thing, Sheri. Up until the 1950s, we did not have "under God" in the pledge nor did most of our currency have the "in God we trust" language. The issue of abortion did not exist in the founding days, as it was perfectly legal until the religion and the AMA got involved.

      Considering that study after study is showing that nations with less religious influence are better off in terms of crime and well-being, I'd be curious to see if there was a dramatic shift downward when Billy Graham and the other religious zealots gained political power in this country.


    • Oh I agree, when the Fundamngelicals started taking over our government the U.S. went to hell. I just hope it can come back again, but at this rate, if we don't get them out of office, we'll have another Dark Age with an Inquisition at the same time, with people dying from something that was preventable. As bad as Radial Islamic Gov. with Sharia.

    • Christian nationalists have simply applied the YHWHist ideology of the Old Testament chroniclers to the U.S. The Old Testament chroniclers of the history of ancient Israel insisted on correlating the viccissitudes of Israel's history with loyalty of the crown to the cult of YHWH. what is most interesting as you have pointed out Sheri is that there is no shred of empirical evidence either in Ancient Israel history and U.S. history that nations rise and fall on the grounds of loyalty to the biblical deity…but unfortunately many evangelical Americans hold fast to this dubious theory with potentially grievious consequences. One can only hope that the right thinking majority will prevail at the elections…

  • scaacalkfnakfak

    Odd, I thought USA was supposed to be a secular nation

  • Oh give me a break! Last I knew, the U.S. didn't have a king. I'm really getting tired of this crap.

  • John yang

    USA has long lost it's Christian roots. Glad that you are now reviving it. To God be the Glory. He loves the prodigals…..including me. I am from Singapore and we here owe much to early USA's Christian Missionaries for proclaiming God's love to the East.

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