The Devils Notebook

The Devils notebook

A collection of essays, lectures, short stories, and exhortations from the Church of Satan's "Black Pope," whose defiant hedonism and indulgent rituals have sold over a million books–The Satanic Witch, The Satanic Bible, and Satanic Rituals. La Vey was featured in Rolling Stone in September 1991.

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5 Stars Gods Among Men
Everything negative can be said about this book, even by those that read it. LaVey speaks only to very few who have a keen sense of humor, a sharp intellect, and a hearty taste for freedom. Most people need not apply for the position, and in fact, it's prefereable to everyone already inside. Purchase with care.

5 Stars Black Left Hand
Great book. Not The Satanic Bible, better in some cases. Knowledge always seems to lurk in dark places.

5 Stars LaVey's first kick butt book.
This is the first collection of LaVey's short essays, ranging on a broad range of topics and makes an excellent companion to his later book, "Satan Speaks!" Like the later book this earlier book gives LaVey's opinions of everything from society, politics, religion, history, science, philosophy, metaphysics, technology. LaVey was certainly a well read guy. And in reading his works, you might find yourself saying, "Hey, that's right! I've seen that myself." or, "I never thought of it that way before!"

Here is a guy that has the guts to come out and call a spade a spade.

And like "Satan Speaks!" this earlier book will make you roll with laughter.

His essay "Hatha Toilet Seat Meditation," makes a good read, especially while in the bathroom! The other good one for reading while in the john is the essay about Fernando DePlancy (what a weird guy — but hey, it takes all kinds!) They will tickle your funny bone.

LaVey also discusses his and others' peculiar fetishes and interests and also about his experiences as a carny.

This book will make you wonder, ponder, upset you, frighten you, and make you laugh. But it is not a boring read.

5 Stars A message for modern life …

I enjoyed this text immensely and was deeply moved by LaVey's dedication to the writing and the subject which he became a master of. This is a strong read and interesting for anyone of any faith.

5 Stars You've all got it wrong…
Everyone, listen. Realize that when you are talking about Satanism you need to know that it is not about conjuring "demons", killing Christians, and the "occult." It is about living your life to the fullest without any stupid religious restrictions, "rejoicing life in the carnal, the mundane, the flesh." Stop looking at it from a "Christian" point of view. This book is good, yes, but of course it's not the first book you want to get if you want to be a Satanist. If you want to do it right, GET THE SATANIC BIBLE 1st! You need to already know this. If you read The Devil's notebook first, you won't get the right understanding. And enough of the LaVey insults. If you're a Satanist you should have more respect for the man. Nuff said.

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